Chape Wordle {July 2022} Know Correct 383 Puzzle Answer!

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Please scroll down to the below article, Chape Wordle and get to know exciting information about the wordle game.

Are you a lover of puzzles? Are you aware of the game wordle? Are you the one who keeps your eye on every day’s wordle answers? To get all the answers, please continue to read this article.

Wordle is very popular Worldwide, especially in countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, the United States and IndiaSo, to know the answer to Wordle 383 and other important information about Chape Wordle, stick to us to the end.

The Reason Of The Word Chape Is Trending In The Internet

The word which becomes the Wordle answer for that particular day circulates on the internet rapidly. If we try to find out the excitement with the answer of this word game is based on the popularity of the game worldwide and the interest this game has generated in every wordle lover’s mind.

The word Chape has spread over the internet like a storm as the correct answer is the Wordle 383. Many players wrongly guess this word as the correct one and therefore swirl on the internet. But Chape is not the right answer for 7th July. 

Is Chape a Word

We mention in the above paragraph that Chape is not the correct answer, but still, it is a word with proper meaning in the English dictionary. The word Chape means a metal tip of a sheath. This word is derived from the word Chapeless. 

So, one question is striking on the readers’ mind if Chape is not the correct answer, then what the correct one is. The correct answer is Agape.

Meaning Of Agape

Agape means something which is widely open. Suppose we say this word with the mouth, meaning that a particular person’s mouth is wide open. So we have seen the meaning of the correct answer and Chape Definition.

Some Words Sound Similar To Chape

  • Shape
  • Crape
  • Drape
  • Etape
  • Scape
  • Grape

Last Week Wordle Answer

  • Agape: It is the correct answer for Wordle 383, 7th July.
  • Fluff: It is the correct answer for Wordle 382, 6th July
  • Field: It is the correct answer for Wordle 381, 5th July
  • Sever: It is the correct answer for Wordle 380, 4th July
  • Lilac: It is the correct answer for Wordle 379, 3rd July
  • Egret: It is the correct answer for Wordle 378, 2nd July
  • Pinto: It is the correct answer for Wordle 377, 1st July

Hints To Play Chape Wordle

Every game has some definite rules; by following these, the players can get victory in the game, and The Wordle game is also no exception. There is nothing but hints of colour. You will get to see the changing of colour with the letter being placed in the box.

If the box turns green, then you are correct with your guess. If the box becomes yellow, that means your guess is right, but the placement is wrong, and with the wrong placement of a letter, the box will become grey.


This article deals with the information about Chape Wordle, which is guessed to be the correct answer for the Wordle but is not. We also give the meaning of the right word, Agape. 

What is your favourite Word game? Please tell us your preference. Moreover, click here to know more about 383 answers

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