Celebrity Stoners Break the Stereotype of the Average Cannabis User

Celebrity Stoners Break the Stereotype of the Average Cannabis User

Celebrity Stoners Break the Stereotype: If you’ve ever wondered what a “celebrity stoner” is, you’re not alone. This list includes Donnell Rawlings, Dr. Greenthumb, Anthony Bourdain, Snoop Dogg, and more. Celebrity stoners aren’t limited to Hollywood – there’s also a pot dealer in “High Maintenance” on HBO. While the stereotype of the average cannabis user may be a little bit dated, these stars are more like us – we’re all people!

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Donnell Rawlings

While many people assume Donnell Rawlings is a pothead, that’s not quite the case. The comedian has a long history with cannabis and has been a regular on the Chappelle Show. But until now, he has not played a weedy character on screen. In the new comedy Hollyweed, he stars alongside Kevin Smith as business partners and best friends.

Dr. Greenthumb

For those who don’t know, Dr. Greenthumb is a fictional character from the Cypress Hill single “Dr. Green”. The character is the alter ego of rapper B-Real, who also happens to be a cannabis grower. This character later made its way to E-40’s song “Tell Me When to Go.” It was inspired by a fictional character from the 1970s cartoon “Josie and the Pussycats” – a shady marijuana farmer. His sarcastic voice and demeanor made him a perfect villain for the show, a character who was the main antagonist of the storyline.

As a result of such a societal stigma, people who use cannabis tend to experience devaluation and resentment. They also may experience a stigma that’s not shared by other people. In addition to being devalued, cannabis users face discrimination and misunderstanding. Whether a person is a medical or nonmedical cannabis user, the societal perception of them is largely predetermined by their gender, race orientation.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg isn’t your average stoner. His cannabis use is so well documented that he’s even launched his own brand of marijuana. While Snoop does enjoy cannabis, he takes three months off each year to focus on his music and business. He also took a break from marijuana to start a youth football league. His involvement with the league prompted one youth to call him out for smoking weed in front of the kids. The young player had a point – Snoop did indeed smoke marijuana around kids.

While millennial television shows and white indie artists are glamorizing marijuana seeds for sale in the United States and cannabis use, the reality is that the cannabis industry overwhelmingly benefits white people. Most cannabis-related businesses are small-scale, locally-owned businesses, which are often prohibited by state laws. Snoop Dogg is one of the few celebrity entrepreneurs breaking the stereotype of the average cannabis user. He’s not the only celeb to venture into the cannabis industry: Whoopi Goldberg is also entering the cannabis business with a line of products.

Anthony Bourdain

The legendary chef, author, and TV host Anthony Bourdain has been revered for breaking the stereotype of the average cannabis user. His CNN series Parts Unknown featured cannabis culture from around the world and even touched on the stoner class in areas where prohibition had been lifted. As a pot enthusiast, Bourdain has also broken the stereotype of the typical cannabis user. He smoked pot on two episodes of the show and has been a strong advocate for the plant since its legalization.

During his years of struggling with drug addiction, Bourdain found ways to break the stigma and gain acceptance from his peers. In one episode, Bourdain talked about the importance of drug awareness and how he wished to spread this message. He also highlighted the fantastic food in Massachusetts, which he loves and has highlighted in the past. Bourdain also sat down with former Vietcong leaders and Khmer Rouge Cambodians to discuss the drug’s effect on their lives.

Jay Leno

There are many myths surrounding the use of cannabis. For example, it’s easy to associate cannabis with a slew of negative qualities. However, this stereotype only reveals a small portion of the story. Some cannabis users spend their days playing video games, while others write the world’s greatest books, record podcasts, or even start movements. Fortunately, the comedian broke these myths by addressing the stigmas associated with cannabis and making the experience accessible for everyone.

Despite the negative connotations surrounding cannabis, the stereotype of the “average” cannabis user remains firmly entrenched in western culture. It pervades media, political discourse, and the minds of a large portion of the population. Thankfully, attitudes towards cannabis have been improving over time. Cannabis is increasingly accepted in many countries, and the stereotype will eventually disappear. The next step is educating the public.


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