CBD Honey Sticks Gold Bee Review (Nov) Is It Legit?

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CBD Honey Sticks Gold Bee Review (Nov) Is It Legit? >> This article will guide you about a modern superfood to help you increase your healthy eating habits.

Have you heard of honey sticks? These have become a new craze Worldwide because of their health benefits. This superfood is both healthy and delicious.

But many people are concerned about which brand to buy and where to get these CBD-infused honey sticks. If you are one of these people, then worry no more. CBD Honey Sticks Gold Bee Review will provide you with all the required information.

About CBD Honey Sticks

CBD honey sticks are the combination of two ancient medical ingredients – Honey and Cannabis. CBD-infused honey is suspended into sticks for convenient use.

Honey has been considered a superfood for centuries due to its abilities to heal wounds, provide energy, sooth burns and remove harmful bacteria from the body. Cannabis, in turn, has Neuroprotective and antioxidative effects along with anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties.

The Gold Bee uses American-grown hemp and organic honey from the Brazilian rainforest. According to CBD Honey Sticks Gold Bee Review, there is 10 mg pure CBD extracts in every stick. You can enjoy these sticks directly or mix them in any of your favorite dishes or drinks as a sweetener.

Product Specification

  • Check out the honey sticks here: https://goldbee.com/products/cbd-honey-sticks/
  • Brand: Gold Bee
  • Ingredients: Cannabis extract and honey
  • Additives: No Additives
  • Purchase Process: You can buy it once or take a subscription to have monthly delivery. This subscription can be skipped and canceled at any time.
  • Quantity: There are two packages available one is with ten sticks and another with 60 sticks
  • Review: CBD Honey Sticks Gold Bee Review provided on the official website is all good
  • Price: $29 for a pack of 10 sticks and $149 for a bunch of 60 sticks
  • THC: Not present
  • Discount: If you buy 2 or 4 boxes together, you can discount the price per box.
  • Subscription Fees: The subscription fees are $25 for a box with ten sticks and $127 for a pack of 60 sticks.
  • Social Media Activity: The brand is not found on social media


  • The product is beneficial for health
  • Easy to use
  • It is available in packs of different quantities
  • CBD Honey Sticks Gold Bee Review says all good about the product
  • It helps in supporting joint function and maintain the body’s immune system.
  • It also enhances cardiovascular health
  • The official website mentions the product details
  • The company has certified labs to test the product


  • The price of the product is high
  • The brand is socially inactive
  • The brand’s popularity is uncertain

Is Gold Bee CBD Honey Stick Legit to Buy?

  • Brand Name: Gold Bee
  • Brand Age: 23 years
  • Trust Index: 76%
  • Registration Details: The domain was registered on 10-08-1998
  • Owner: The details about the owner is hidden
  • Social Media: The brand does not have any official account on social media
  • CBD Honey Sticks Gold Bee Review: The available reviews are all in positive
  • Popularity: The brands’ popularity is not certain as it is absent on social media
  • Marketing: Nothing could be found

If we sift through the details, we can see that though the brand is absent on social media yet it has a good reputation. It is in the market for an extended period of 23 years. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that the claims of the company about the product’s quality can be trusted. And their certified lab test reports prove that the product is absolutely legit.

What does the CBD Honey Sticks Gold Bee Review say about it?

The customer reviews are the most significant quality certificate that a product can get. The success of any product is determined by the extent to which customers like it.

Because of the brand’s absence on social media, it was not possible to find a review there. But the official website provides quite a few thoughts on behalf of the buyers. As per those reviews, the product quality is really very good, and all the buyers seem satisfied with the product. You can read here more about these honey sticks  


CBD Honey Sticks Gold Bee Review shows that the product is worth a try. It has high-quality ingredients, and the company’s goodwill makes all its claims trustworthy.

Yet, it is always good to be a little extra cautious while buying health products. So take a look here to know about how to determine Legitimacy of Product.

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