[Update] Cat in Blender Guy Jumped- Watch Cat Blender Video Jumped, Guy Getting Jumped!

Latest News Cat in Blender Guy Jumped
The article provides the details of the Cat in Blender Guy Jumped video and lets the readers know whether the video is authentic or not.

Have you seen the recent footage of the cat guy who is believed to jump? People from the United States are talking about the video that shows the cat blender guy getting jumped by a group of boys. There were reports that the video circulated on May 7 consisted of the cat blender guy several boys beat up, and it was shared on the online platform.

We will try to bunk the details of the Cat in Blender Guy Jumped and try to find out whether the viral video is real or fake.

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Disclaimer-We do not intend to hurt the sentiments of people, and the news given hair is only for information purposes.

Did the cat in the blender guy jump? 

The video, shared on the online website, was captioned as a cat in a blender guy getting jumped. But as the video continued, viewers learned that the language was not Chinese and it was in Dutch. The cat in the blender guy is from China. There was also confusion among people as they thought that the horrific video was from the Netherlands.

It seems that the fight video is between the teen boys, and it was wrongly interpreted as the cat in a blender guy getting jumped.

Video of Cat in Blender Guy Getting Jumped

The recent viral video that gained attention from people was searched by people worldwide, and one user questioned whether the original video was from China or not. Another user clarified that they looked at the details of the viral video circulating on the Internet. The name of the store which was seen behind the boys was searched, and it was found that the video was shot in January and had no relation with the cat video. 

The cat in the blender guy was arrested by police officials, according to the sources. It happened because of the language noticed by many rivers on the blender, and on further investigation, people learned that it was in Chinese.

Is the Cat Blender Video Jumped Real?

The video is not real and has been misinterpreted with the cat video. Earlier in May, a disturbing video of the cat being put in a blender surfaced on the Internet, which left the netizens traumatized and angry. The video was shared by various people on platforms like Twitter and TikTok, and the authorities continuously blocked the content for violating the policies. However, the users continued to share the video and repost it.

The action was horrifying and disturbing, raising concern among animal activists looking forward to taking strict action against such people.

Is the person in the video attacked the same as in the cat video?

The viral video of the teen boys does not contain the person represented in the cat in the blender. A Twitter user shared the video of a cat put in the blender. After the cat was taken out, it was covered in blood but was seen moving. But unfortunately, the cat is killed, and there is no reason to attempt such a heinous act. The Cat in Blender Guy Jumped video is not real, and people must not pay attention to the video.

There were also reports that the person in the video was a Chinese food blogger, but there is no confirmation.

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There has been no confirmation about the guy who committed the crime or whether he was arrested. But the viral video about the man getting jumped is fake, and the video has no authenticity. Some people already knew the video was fake and unrelated to the cat video. 

What do you think about the viral video of the cat in the blender guy getting jumped? Comment below with your opinions.

Cat in Blender Guy Jumped-FAQs

Q1. What is present in the viral video?

A group of boys beat another boy.

Q2. What was the reason behind the video getting viral?

The boy getting jumped in the video was misinterpreted as the cat video guy.

Q3. Is there any connection between both incidents?


Q4. What are some claims people make about the person in the video?

People claim him to be a Chinese food blogger, Xu Zhihui.

Q5. Is the cat guy arrested?

Reports suggest that the cat guy is arrested.

Q6. When was the fight video circulated?

On May 9, 2023.

Q7. In which language was the text overlay written?


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