C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio Reviews (March) Legit/Scam | Read!

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C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio Reviews (March) Legit/Scam | Read! >> The report will give a detailed review about a coffee store that sells online, and we will make you learn about its authenticity.

Do you know about the C4 Coffee sellers from Lisbon, Ohio? We will be giving you C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio Reviews today in this post. The website is relatively young and got started by the coffee shop owner who is a Navy Veteran.

The Coffee shop website belongs to the United States and has been selling Coffee for the last one year only. Thus, it becomes essential for you to know about its genuineness and whether it is worth buying or not.

What is C4coffees.com?

The website that is not very old is known for selling Coffee beans online through its portal. They don’t have a lot of products but sell some varieties of Columbian Coffee and apparels. They have the Coffee available in roasted and ground forms. It got started by a Navy Veteran who claims to give a part of his profit to the US soldiers. The prices are reasonable, and the shipping charges are low. There is no return policy available on the website, nor any delivery information is available. 

You can make payments using PayPal. You may find several C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio Reviews on the website of the c4 Coffee.

Specifications of C4coffees.com

  • Website Type – Online sellers of Columbian Coffee
  • URL – https://c4coffees.com
  • Domain Date: 7th September, 2019
  • Domain Expiry Date: 7th September 2024
  • Returns – Not available
  • Company location – Lisbon, Ohio, USA
  • Phone number – Not available
  • Email – director@atgworldwide.us
  • Payments – PayPal
  • Social media – Nil presence is available

Benefits of Buying from C4coffees.com

  • The company has several C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio Reviews available online from their customers. 
  • The product prices are quite pocket-friendly.
  • They have an online presence for the last year or so.
  • They have a trust score showing an average rating for their website. 

Losses of Buying from C4coffees.com

  • They have a low Alexa ranking for their website. 
  • They have no presence on social media platforms, though it is mentioned on their official website for the social presence. 
  • The reviews are present only on their website and Google Maps and nowhere on any leading review site.

Is C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio Legit?

  • If you ask about the genuineness of the website seeking c4 Coffee, we can say that our research shows the site to be a well-known one. Although it has a low Alexa ranking, still, it is known among various online shoppers. 
  • The domain of the site got registered for a long period, thus indicating it is there to stay online for a long time. Hence, ruling out the possibility of being a scam. 
  • The website has mixed reviews available online that show it is popular among the users.
  • Although it has no links available on social media websites, it shows its trustworthiness by having negative reviews also displayed on its website. A scam site usually deletes negative reviews from its site to attract more customers.
  • The Trust Index of the website is average, which is 40%.
  • The Trust Rank of the website is 45.9/100.

What is the C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio Reviews given by Customers?

To know more about the C4 Coffee sellers and their website, we analyzed it further for our readers to know everything about them through the users’ reviews. The website has several reviews from its customers, who have given both positive and negative ratings for their Coffee. Some customers are happy with their Coffee; however, some are disappointed by their product.

You may not find any links with social media, but several C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio Reviews are percent on Google maps webpage. There is a rating of 1.9 on Google Reviews. There is a mix of positive and negative feedback that shows the Coffee sellers are known well among their customers.

The Conclusion

Last but not least we can conclude that the Coffee selling website is a popular store among people and has an online presence. There may be a mix of reviews, but the website appears to be legit. Still, if you doubt and ask, Is C4 Coffee Lisbon Ohio Legit or not, we can only suggest you read the reviews available online. Through them, you can judge correctly and make your judgment accordingly. 

Have you ever used products from this website? What is your experience? You are welcome to make your comments below if you wish to suggest or give feedback to us or want to share your experience. 

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