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Bunbun Girl Roblox (Jan 2021) Explore Some Hidden Facts

Bunbun Girl Roblox (Jan 2021) Explore Some Hidden Facts >> In this article, you will discover about a new hacker that can result in a ban of your game!

What is the warning for all Robloxians? There is flashing news alerts in the United States and other places in the world that a new hacker is going around for hacking Roblox and other games. People make others aware of being careful if anyone sees the name bun while playing their favorite games.

If you see the name Bun, it is advised to leave instantly. They might not do anything or can send a friend request. It is recommended to decline it as the new game hacker can steal your information and hack your account.

With this article, we will explain to you how a Bunbun Girl Roblox is hacking games. Continue reading this article to know the information about a new scam.

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What is Bunbun Girl?

Bunbun Girl is a new hacker going around the games that can hack your games. It can send you a friend request or any other invitation. All you need is to decline any request by Bunbun Girl.

If you accept the request of Bunbun Girl, it can hack your games. As a result, you will be banned from your favorite game Roblox. Many users are worried about this new hacker.

This way, once again, social media platforms are getting heated due to Roblox. And this time, it is Bunbun Girl Roblox.

What is Bunbun Girl hacking in the games?

Many Roblox players in the United States and the world are taking social media platforms to aware other for this new hacker going around the Roblox and other games.

This new hacker is hacking bloxburg recently, which was started by a Tiktoker. The news flashed when Tiktoker named, robloxupdates2021 stated that the hacker would be hacking bloxburg.

Roblox is working hard to ban these hackers. Many players are hoping that the ban of this hacker will happen soon. However, it made players worried that they would be hacking bloxburg.

Hence, we advise our viewers to stay away from Bunbun Girl Roblox, as it can ban you from your favorite game.

Is Bunbun Girl hacking Roblox users?

As soon as new hackers stormed social media platforms, many players are checking the details about it.

It was said that the new hacker built a giant coeptus recently and started burning it. Also, there were six of them in the bloxburg server, and together they started glitches into a build mode.

It is stated that the Bunbun Girl Roblox can trace your location and information to misuse.

Final Verdict:

There is a news flash about a new hacker going around the Roblox games. It is said that their plans are in the French language, and they track the information of the Roblox players.

After hacking your details, you will be banned from the game. Hence, it is advised to all the Roblox players to stay away from this hacker. If they send you an invitation or friend request, don’t accept it and decline the request.

Be aware of Bunbun Girl Roblox to play a safe game. 

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11 thoughts on “Bunbun Girl Roblox (Jan 2021) Explore Some Hidden Facts”

  1. You guys should defiantly do this to actually avoid being hacked or BunBun girls logging into ur acc just immediately leave the game,Change ur name a password so that they cant access ur account!STAY SAFE ROBLOX USERS AND DO NOT OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT TO MUCH DONT LET UR FRIENDS ON UR ACC DONT TELL ANYONE UR USER OR PASSWORD DECLINE ALL FRIEND REQUESTS CAUSE SOMETIMES IT CAN BE BUN BUN GIRLS HACKING PPLS ACCOUNTS!STAY SAFE EVERYONE! 🙁

  2. hey, dont go searching for these hackers it is dangerous, and don’t send hate to roblox either. the dev is working hard to stop them!! good luck and stay safe

  3. we are going into a whole rolbox war bc of them!!! stay away from them!!! pls be safe if they send you a friend request decline it and then change your password! again be safe! byeeeeeeee

  4. You just said that whoever has bunbun in their name is a hacker. Honestly the people most affected by this is people with bunbun in their name but aren’t the hackers and joined before the hackers joined. I have bunbun in my name and I joined in 2016. Many people kept calling me a hacker during this situation cause all YouTubers and people were saying that the way to identify them was if they had bunbun in their name. Really the way to identify them is not just that it’s also if they joined in 2020 or if they have no robux. None of that applied to me and people still accused me. I even had people get mad at me for saying I wasn’t. It was very unlikely that anyone would understand and most times people would side with the person wrongly accusing me even after I explained to them that I was not a bunbun hacker. It’s all because people were wrongly informed that EVERYONE with bunbun in their name was a hacker.


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