Brite Wordle {July 2022} It This A Meaningful Word?

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Are you a lover of Wordle? Are you interested in learning new words every day? If you are interested in playing Wordle and looking for the daily answers to Wordle, then read this article to the end.

Wordle has become very popular worldwide, especially in countries like New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Indiaand the United States. Words that become the Wordle answers always get special attention among puzzle lovers. We will discuss Brite Wordle and the reasons for being discussed here.

Why Is The Word Brite Getting Viral With Wordle?

If we check about the word puzzle games on the internet, we will come across one game: Wordle. The demand for this game is so high now that the words that are associated with the games always get massive attention among the word game players.

Brite is a word circulating on the internet as the correct answer for 20th July that is Wordle 396. But players started sharing this word with others by mistake, so Brite is swirling on the internet. However, the assumption is incorrect, as Brite is not the correct answer.

Brite Definition

Brite indicates something which is overripe or extra mature than average. This word is used with cereals like wheat and barley. So we can see that Brite is a word with proper meaning.

What Is The Correct Answer For Wordle 396?

The correct answer for the Wordle 396 is Trite, similar to cliché, which means something that lacks freshness or originality. So, we can see that Trite is the answer to the 20th July Wordle. We also have discussed in the above paragraph about Brite, Is Brite a Word, and the meaning of this word

Words That Sound Similar To Brite

  • Drive
  • Urite
  • Write
  • Trite

Words That Became The Last Week Wordle Answer

  • Angry: Answer of Wordle 395; 19th July puzzle
  • Flock: Answer of Wordle 394; 18th July puzzle
  • Wacky: Answer of Wordle 393; 17th July puzzle
  • Roomy: Answer of Wordle 392; 16th July puzzle
  • Wedge: Answer of Wordle 391; 15th July puzzle
  • Liver: Answer of Wordle 390; 14th July puzzle
  • Bland: Answer of Wordle 389; 13th July puzzle
  • Night: Answer of Wordle 388; 12th July puzzle

Tips To Play Brite Wordle

People get confused when playing Wordle games earlier. As time passed, playing this game became very easy. To solve the puzzle quickly in Wordle, we need to observe the hints coming as the hints of this game.

The most famous and most easily noticeable hint is the hints we get from changing the colour of the boxes. The boxes’ colour turns green, yellow, and grey according to the letters inserted.


From the above discussion, we know that the answer for Wordle 396 is Trite. Brite Wordle is mistakenly in circulation on the internet as the correct answer. What are your favourite word games? Please share with us below in the comment.

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