Break Soul Sample {July 2022} Which Album Is Accused?

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This post on Break Soul Sample will provide complete information about Beyonce’s Break My Soul song samples.

Is there any stolen sample in Beyonce’s Renaissance? The most awaited Renaissance album of Beyonce, her comeback album, was already released on the midnight of 28th July. Beyonce’s fans in the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil and many other countries constantly wait for all the songs of the Renaissance album. But which song of the Renaissance album is accused of using samples without permission? To know that, read this post on Break Soul Sample till the end.

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“Break My Soul” Song Stole Any Sample?

  • According to the rumors, the Renaissance album got leaked online before its official release, which is how the stolen sample talks started on social media.
  • Kelis, who is the singer of “Get Along With Me,” came to know about this fact through her fans on social media that her sample, specifically “Get Along With Me,” is used in Beyonce’s new song “Break my soul” officially released one month ago.

What had Kelis stated after this incident? Continue reading to know further details.

Beyonce Break My Soul Sample And Kelis’s Statement

  • According to the “Get Along With Me” singer Kelis, she informed his fans that she was unaware of using her song’s sample by Beyonce. She stated that Beyonce should have at least asked her before using a song sample.
  • According to Kelis, they have many mutual friends, so it was not hard for Beyonce to contact her.
  • She elaborately cleared in her official statement that she is ok with using her sample. But Beyonce should have at least informed her before using it like every other artist. 

You can watch the videos of all the official statements of Kelis on her official instagram account(Kelis)

Officially Break My Soul Sample 2 Songs.

Beyonce’s seventh studio album, the Renaissance, has already been released. The list of renaissance albums is also available, consisting of 16 songs. The first song Beyonce released broke my soul(no.6). 

Break my soul song had sampled “How Me Love,” which featured Robin S. She came to know about this news through her son. She was unaware of this sampling, and when she saw that, she was thrilled and emotional with this news as she was trending on social media. She appreciated the efforts of Beyonce and thanked her for this sampling.

Break Soul Sample also features Big Freedia’s Explode. She shared her happiness to be part of the break my soul song and was thrilled to know this news.

All the lyrics and videos of the Renaissance album are available on Beyonce’s official youtube channel, which you can check out.


Concluding this post, we have informed all our readers about Kelis’s statement on using her song sample in Beyonce’s break my soul. And complete details about all the samples of the Break My Soul song. If you want to know more about Kelis’s statement, visit this link

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