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Blean Wordle {Aug 2022} Answer & Hints For 418 Puzzle!

The article below helps you explore the correct answer and hints for 418 wordle and know the meaning of Blean Wordle.

Are you puzzled with today’s tricky wordle game? Today wordle is back with a new and tricky word of the day. The answer is not unfamiliar, but it is uncommon in regular chatting and conversations. The combination of the word’s letter can be easily guessed, but to a gamer’s mind, this word cannot easily come as most people do not so commonly use this word. 

Many new players from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and India have guessed Blean Wordle. Let’s compare it to today’s wordle answer.

How Is Blean Related To Wordle Game?

The answer for the 11th August Wordle game is “GLEAN,” but many puzzle solvers have guessed it as Blean. This is because it is a very uncommon word used for regular conversations. But, not tough to guess as this word is not an unfamiliar one. 

But, as many players have guessed, Blean instead of Glean, so let’s check the meanings and similarities between these two words. And, also let’s find the rhyming words for the correct wordle answer as this word has limited similar spelling words. 

Definitions for Glean and Blean Game

  • Glean Meaning – as per the Cambridge Dictionary, it means “to collect details or the information often with difficulty.”
  • Blean Meaning – As per the findings, this word has no meaning. But yes, it is a word, as it is a Civil Parish and a village in England, in the Canterbury district of Kent.

From the above definitions, we can say that, yes, Blean is a word but does not have a relevant meaning. Also, these two words have no similarity other than the rhyming sequence. Other 5-letters similar words are- 

  • Clean
  • Queen
  • Green
  • Gleam
  • Cream
  • Steam
  • Dream, etc.

Hints To Guess Correct Word Instead Blean Wordle for 418 Puzzle!

  • In today’s wordle, there is no repeating letter. 
  • Interestingly, beside each other, 2 vowels are put together.
  • The used vowels are “E” and “A,” respectively. 
  • The starting and ending letters are constant. 
  • The ending letter is “N.”
  • Major Clue: sometimes, this word is used to describe getting details or the information.

How to Play Wordle To Guess Correct Answer In One-Go?

  • Fill in the suggested letters first. 
  • Try to guess the related word, as per the given definition or the major hint.
  • Wait to change the tile’s colors. 
  • The color indication will make you aware of whether the letters for Blean Wordle are correctly placed or if you need to guess other letters to make a different word.

Color Indications

  • Green – letters are correct and spotted perfectly. 
  • Yellow – letters are correct, but the positions are not correct. 
  • Grey – guessed letters are wrong.

Why is Blean word for wordle game trending? 

Many new players are joining this awesome game regularly. But, due to its daily new tricky wordle hints and guessed words, they are having difficulty guessing the correct word. 

Final Summary

The Correct answer for puzzle 418 (i.e., 11th August) is Glean. The Blean Wordle is a wrong guess as it is not a defined word and only a name of a village in England. 

Have you tried guessing the correct answer? Please share your guessed answer with us in the comments below. 

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