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Blair Wordle {April 2022} Find The Correct Answer!

This news is a complete insight about a trending web-based game that provides clarification of answers regarding Blair Wordle.

Do you want to check the answer to today’s puzzle? Are you also confused about the answer regarding Blair? If yes, then read below for more information!

People Worldwide are interested in playing Wordle daily and competing in the 24-hour challenge. It is seen that many players have flourished the levels from basic to best. Many puzzles have confusing answers and need to be corrected by the official website.

Read below more about the correct answer regarding Blair Wordle.

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Is Blair the correct answer?

Wordle provides new words daily with different specifications and versions as a web-based game. The puzzle had a confusing answer in yesterday’s unlimited versions because of its spell. The answer for the 18th of April puzzle, as per the hints, was FLAIR.

However, due to the spelling errors and confusion, most of the players selected the answer to be Blair. Now, as the official websites have clarified the answer, the users can focus on posting answers to the 19th April puzzle.

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Tips to play

The game is very easy and updated by the New York Times every week. Since there are new players on the board every day, the rules must be clear to every user for scoring the highest and best in limited attempts. Read below more about the tips for playing Wordle:-

  • The user can visit the New York Times official website or click updated links on discord to come to the official portal.
  • The user is only provided with 6 attempts for a single puzzle.
  • Most of the five letters in the Blair Wordle can be identified with the help of key switches.
  • The yellow and grey title letters must be turned green. The green puzzle signifies the correct answer.

Was Blair’s correct answer?

As decided by the official page of Wordle, Blair is the wrong answer for the 18th of April puzzle. Due to the confusion, users have selected the wrong answer. In case you are looking for the correct answer, it was Flair.

Answer for today’s puzzle

The new update in the Wordle version includes words ending with ER. In a similar case, puzzle number 304 was designed. The answer for the 19th of April puzzle is Foyer.

Why Is Blair a Scrabble Word Trending

The Wordle game is built with a mixture of 5 by 6 filled boxes with three different color boxes. The user needs to select the correct letter for the box and arrange it in a sequence. However, sometimes the answers to the puzzles are confusing, creating curiosity and trends among the users.


In conclusion, this news talks about the clarification among two different answers in the latest puzzle of Wordle. Published on the official website, the answer for the 18th April puzzle are available here. Did you also guess your yesterday’s puzzle has Blair Wordle? Comment your answers in the Wordle unlimited series.

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