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Bitcoin Wallets for iOS: The digital assets industry grows stronger, and along with its development, more people enter the market and buy coins hoping to make a fortune. One important thing they should consider is choosing a wallet with proven reliability to store crypto assets. In this article, we will focus on the 4 most popular options for iOS users.

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Where Are Digital Assets Kept?

Digital assets are technically stored on a blockchain. Therefore, wallets are needed to help you access and manage your funds. 

We can divide wallets into 2 types. With non-custodial wallets, your private keys belong to you. That means that you have full control over assets, and there is no third party in-between. This type is preferred by large investors who buy cryptos for a long period. 

Custodial wallets keep private keys on the server of exchange platforms. This, for sure, means a lower level of protection since the user is not the sole owner of the passwords. This option may be the most convenient for everyday use, especially it suits traders who perform transactions daily. They can access their funds from anywhere in the world through the Internet connection and from any device.

A hardware wallet is a device looking like a flash drive. It is considered to be one of the safest ways to keep your crypto secure. It is connected to your PC or laptop (some even to your mobile phone or a tablet) and disconnected when the work is done. For example, you can use Ledger Nano X (a hardware wallet) while syncing it with your iPhone (via the Ledger Live app).  

Now, let’s take a look at the most popular bitcoin wallets for iOS users.

Blockstream Green

It is considered to be one of the safest options to store bitcoins for iOS devices. It requires nothing but entering the user`s email address. The signatures are generated by two keys. The user owns one key and Blockstream — the other one. It approves operations when the user provides two-factor confirmation. That is a password that the user receives to their email or one-time SMS. This ensures a high level of users’ funds’ protection from hackers even if the device is lost or stolen.

This wallet is convenient for everyday use. It is easy to configure, supports several languages and Ledger/Trezor hardware wallets. 

Aqua Wallet

The developers of Blockstream Green released another version called Aqua. This is an option for those who find Blockstream Green rather complicated to handle. Aqua does not have multi-signature, is open-source, and much easier to use. It is a non-custodial wallet that accepts debit cards, Apple Pay and is localized in several languages. Aqua supports bitcoin and other Liquid assets. Although it lacks the level of protection its “older brother” has, Aqua better suits those who only begin to invest and trade. 


This wallet does not require private keys, passwords, or seed phrases. The app is opened through FaceID, so the user has complete control over one`s funds through facial biometrics. The private keys are kept on Zengo’s server. Tech support works 24/7 and provides instant help for app users. ZenGo’s trade feature works fast and supports many cryptocurrencies. There are no limitations for transactions and no extra fees. This wallet is very convenient and perfect for beginners and pros.

Ledger Live

That’s probably the safest option. As was mentioned, it is connected to a PC or other device (Android/iOS). Users can purchase a wide range of crypto assets fast, as well as send and swap coins. Besides, Ledger Live supports staking, allowing its users to generate passive income. The wallet can resist any hacker attacks thanks to its offline work and secure chip. 


There are many crypto storage options for iOS users. The choice depends on one’s needs. Ledger Live is the most reliable way to keep large amounts of cryptocurrency investments for the long term, providing maximum security. If you perform transactions daily and operate with small amounts, it is probably better to use a custodial wallet. Thus, you won’t need to carry any additional devices and can trade from anywhere in the world.

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