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This post on Bill Russell Kids will provide brief information about Bill Russell’s death, his kids and his wives. So please read it to know more.

Did Bill Russell die? What about his wife and kids? Unfortunately, 11 times National Basketball Association Championship Winner William Felton Russell, also known as Bill Russell, died on July 31, 2022, at 88. He had his wife Jeannine Russell with him on his side. His fans in the United States, and Canada are heartbroken after hearing the news of his demise. This article will provide brief information on Bill Russell’s personal life, Bill Russell Kids and his wives.

How Many Children Did Bill Russell Have?

The news of his demise saddens Bill Russell’s fans and followers Worldwide. Bill Russell’s family had informed his demise through the social media platform Twitter. 

Bill Russell married Rose Swisher in 1956, and they have three kids, namely William Jr, Jacob and Karen Russell.

William Jr, the oldest son of Bill Russell, also known as “Buddha”, passed away battling cancer on January 25 2016. He had pursued his career as a driver and even worked in Cox trucking Company for several years.

Bill Russell Family

Jacob H Russell is the second son of Bill Russell, followed by William Jr. He was born in 1959. Jacob hadn’t led a very public life from the beginning, and maybe that is why there isn’t much information available about him. But reportedly, he lives happily with his wife, Sara Marckx Russell.

The only daughter of Bill Russell namely, Karen, was born on January 20, 1962. She is a public figure, Legal and Political Analyst, and Blogger.

How many times did Bill Russell get married? If you want to know about Bill Russell Wife, continue reading this post.

Bill Russell and Rose Swisher’s daughter Karen had analyzed many National political issues and high-profile trials. She is active and can be seen on many media platforms like CNN and MSNBC. In addition, Karen provided commentary on the high-profile matters of multiple NBA players like Jayson Williams and Kobe Bryant.

As already told, Karen is a famous blogger and works as an activist. Her articles are published on HuffPost, New York times and many other Publications.

Bill Russell and Rose Swisher divorced after 17 years of marriage in 1956.

More About Bill Russell’s Wives and Bill Russell Death

Bill Russell married again to Dorothy Anstett(Miss USA of 1968) in 1977. He again got separated and got divorced after three years of their marriage. 

Bill Russell got married a third time to Marilyn Nault. Their marriage continued till her death in January 2009.

Jeannine Russell was the fourth wife of Bill Russell, and she was on his side when he died. 

Bill Russell and Rose Swisher had three children; after that, Bill Russell had no other kids.


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