Biibiibo Review (March 2021) Another Scam Revealed!

Biibiibo Review 2021

Biibiibo Review (March 2021) Another Scam Revealed!-> This post will help you in identifying the reliability of the website that containing jigsaw puzzles.

Biibiibo Review: Nowadays, outdoor activities almost blocked because that kid’s mind is not developing as much, so we should focus on few exercises that can boost our mind and that can increase the level of thinking. as we know, puzzles are the best way to improve thinking skills.

Here we are connecting you with the jigsaw puzzles-based website that offers you a comprehensive collection of the jigsaw puzzles you can perform in a small space. If you do these jigsaw puzzles efficiently, that means you will become a super problem solver. You can make your order online in the United States.

What is Biibiibo?

Biibiibo Review is the online purchasing stage. It has a massive collection of jigsaw puzzles of the animals like elephant, butterfly, lion, rooster, bear, horse, cat, giraffe, parrot, unicorn, turtle, and many more. 80% OFF is going on for today’s shopper.

It is also providing two free shipping for the initiated users in the United States. If you are a game lover and want to be involved in the activities, this website is for you, but before placing an order, you must read the pros and cons about Biibiibo.

Let us have a look at the framing of the Biibiibo and know more about its reality.

Framing about Biibiibo

There are a few specifications about the website are listed:

  • You can visit this URL for the shopping
  • You can use this email address for any inquiry at
  • It is providing us a newsletter facility.
  • We haven’t found the physical address of this website. 
  • Few customers Biibiibo Review available on the website and as well as on social media pages.
  • It is providing a jigsaw puzzle of the animals at a discount.
  • There is no facility available for the contact number and fax number.
  • It has a new domain creation time, i.e., only four months and ten days old (20/10/2020).
  • It has only a 1% scorecard in terms of the trust. 
  • It is entirely safe and protected by SSl integration and HTTPS protocols.
  • Only Facebook portals are activated.
  • You can pay the amount by MasterCard, MestroCard, PayPal, and VISA. 
  • Fourteen days return policies are available on the site, and you can track your order too.
  • It has taken 15 to 30 days delivery time to reach your door.


  • Few user’s  Biibiibo Review caught on the sites.
  • It is proving mindful game to sharp your thinking skills. 
  • Vast collections of puzzle games are available. 
  • All the games available at low cost. 


  • A physical address is not available on the site.
  • The trust scorecard is very down.
  • It is taken approx a month in the delivery.
  • It is claiming an 80% discount on the website only for today.
  • The domain is too young. 
  • Copied content.
  • The customer support email looks confusing, as it not matched with domain. 

Is Biibiibo Legit or Not?

Biibiibo is an online shopping portal for jigsaw puzzles with animal pictures. It is providing these puzzles as a game to sharp your mind and enhance your thinking skills.

After exploring ecommerce stages, we found a few shopper’s Biibiibo Review as we check feedback on the website that all looks positive, which seems added itself. So we can consider this website as highly suspicious.

Please take care of your financial fraud before placing your order.

What are the user’s feedback about the Biibiibo?

As we noticed on the website, a few positive feedback caught, but when we visit the social media pages like Facebook, we saw zero feedbacks. 

We know shopper’s Biibiibo Review is valuable for us because we can clarify our mind by considering outputs.

In spite, you must take care of all the instructions then start purchasing.

Final Thoughts

We can wind up this review by considering these lines like horrible trust cards, new domain creation time, less popularity, less activity on social media sites, and less user’s  Biibiibo Review. 

We are taking the above lines its very hard for us to say about its legitimacy because it looks very dubious.

Our suggestion for you that you must take care of all the specifications before using it.

Do you know anything more about this website? Please write your viewpoints in the below section.

6 Comments on “Biibiibo Review (March 2021) Another Scam Revealed!”

  1. Ordered 2 jigsaws a month ago no tracking system and 3 unanswered emails avoid avoid avoid at all cost

    1. I ordered $100 worth of puzzles a month ago and cannot get tracking information or a reply from the company. I contacted the game site where I saw the advertisement and they can’t help without a screen shot of the ad. The puzzles are now being sold under a different web site addresses, so no screen shot is available. I’m pretty certain I got scammed. Thought a legitimate game site (Scopely Scrabble) would check out their advertisers. Don’t buy any of the colorful wood puzzles from any site. Pretty sure they are just changing up the site info so they can’t be tracked while continuing to steal people’s money.

  2. I have ordered 3 puzzles 80% off. They sent me a link that wasn’t working to track my order. Contacted them by email 3 times. Eventually got a reply but it took forever. I was about to open a dispute with my credit card provider.

    Then it took over a month to ship. 1 out of 3 was not the one i ordered. Also, i thought i was getting the larger ones… i got 3 small puzzles. It is not what i expected at all. To me those puzzles are only worth about 4$ a piece. You will probably see them at the dollar store eventually. It is way overpriced and a real joke like pretty much everything from China. I didn’t know it was a Chinese site when i bought, they seem to have a few different store fronts.

    I don’t buy directly from China anymore for over 2 years. This was my mistake. I didn’t do due diligence. By the way they often pretend to liquidate because they are closing the store… i don’t believe that for a second.

    Don’t hesitate to open a dispute with your credit card provider if they don’t deliver in time and please stop buying crap from China.

  3. These people are the biggest thieves I have ever run across online. I found them on FB (and shame on them for not checking the validaty of their advertisements) I ordered 2 puzzles Feb. 5th giving a 2 week delivery date. On March 13th I finally got one of them. I never could find tracking info and have sent them an email almost daily since March 13th at the given help address. I have heard nothing from them and the phone number is from overseas and not connected. I guess I am more fortunate than some at least I received one puzzle at a cost of $38 dollars. Now other websites are selling these all over the place but PLEASE don’t order from anyone you have not dealt with before because I feel like these are the same people just changing websites and names. Buyer beware certainly fits in this case.

  4. Ordered two puzzles on 3 March 2021, thought I was ordering from USA, it is now May, and I have received no puzzles and my emails show an error and will not send. I hope someone can help me make contact with this company, but I have very little hope that I will receive any puzzles, this looks like a clever scam, and I feel I’ve been had!

    1. Hello! Thank you for going through the post and posting your precious review here. Through our blogs, we always try to alert our readers about scamming shopping sites. It is also mentioned in the blog that this website looks very sketchy and dubious. Researching well and going through the previous users’ reviews is always helpful in saving our hard-earned money and protecting us from scams. We hope that your matter is being solved till now. Thank you! Take Care! Have a Happy Online Shopping!

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