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This post on Beyonce Renaissance Cover Album will help readers know the release date, tracklist and many more related to Beyonce’s new album.

Are you a Beyonce fan? If yes, then how excited are you for the new Beyonce album? Beyonce is one of the top music artists in America. Along with the singing, Beyonce acts, produces and writes the song. However, it’s her music and acting which has made Beyonce famous across the USA and worldwide. Recently Beyonce announced her much-anticipated album, calling it Beyonce Renaissance.

Read this post on Beyonce Renaissance Cover Album for more details about Beyonce’s upcoming album.

The new Beyonce Album

Beyonce, an American performer, is well known for her acting and songs. Beyonce was born on September 4th 1981. Beyonce is pretty famous because of her acting talent and musical skills. 

Recently this 40-year-old star took the Internet storm by announcing her upcoming album. The other thing contributing to people is Beyonce’s first album since 2016. As soon as the people heard about the news, they showed excitement on the internet. It is a collection of more than ten songs. 

Beyonce Cover Album 2022 has managed to create enough buzz among the fans of Beyonce. The time when her fans heard of this news, they started searching for this news and wanted to know more about the new Beyonce album.

What is the tracklist of the new Beyonce Album?

Beyonce’s most anticipated album, her first album since 2016, is all set to be released on July 29th 2022. This album will consist of a total of 16 songs. And the album also features some of the renowned artists of the world. According to the Renaissance Beyonce Wiki, Beyonce is set to reach new heights with this album. Some of the tracklists of Beyonce’s new albums are:

  • The popular song I’m that girl: This 3:28 second song is the first Beyonce album song.
  • Other song names include Alien Superstar, Cuff it, Energy, Break my soul, etc. Other popular songs like Cozy, All up in your mind, Church Girl, Plastic off the sofa, Virgo’s Groove, move, heated, America has a problem, very famous Pure/honey.
  • And the sixteen that is the last song of Beyonce’s album is Summer Renaissance.

With such a remarkable tracklist, Beyonce is all set to set the stage on fire.

Beyonce Renaissance Cover Album

Beyonce, who has not dropped any album, is all set to make her come back with the new Renaissance Album. The album is about to release on July 29th 2022. The cover poster was recently released in which Beyonce was sitting on a horse.


We understand her admirers are waiting for her new album. Well, this post covers everything on the new Beyonce album. In addition, this post discusses the release date, tracklist, and cover poster of Beyonce’s new album.

We hope this post cleared all your doubts about Beyonce Renaissance Cover Album. For any queries, you can mention them below.

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