Basic Digital Marketing Techniques

Complete Guide to Digital Marketing Techniques

Basic Digital Marketing Techniques: Business is a tough cookie to crack, that’s because it is a culmination of a lot of aspects that work in conjunction to make a business up and running. And if even one component falters, it has the ability to bring down the whole business. This is not just applicable to big businesses or corporate firms, but every type of business, in general, has to face these hurdles.

Being drastically different from a 9 to 5 job where people just work for a certain time period and go home, a business is a full-time task where stakeholders need to be available and vigilant every passing moment in order to ensure the smooth workings of a business. And this is also because of those different components of a business that require separate operational infrastructure, these components include accounts, human resources, procurement, manufacturing, customer service, and quality assurance, among many others. 

However, probably the most important factor that directly results in sales or the revenue of a business is the marketing department. How well the marketing department is managed, directly translates into how much revenue a firm is going to collect. That’s because an effective marketing strategy creates awareness about the product or service a business proposes to sell, many marketing campaigns aim to persuade consumers into buying a specific product by either explaining its uses and benefits or by advertising some kind of monetary benefits like discounts.

There are a lot of things that go into making a marketing strategy viable, these factors include but are not restricted to consumer behavior, target market, cost of advertisements, and product niche. These are the major factors that are kept in mind in order to make a successful marketing strategy.

Since the internet has been helping us in so many endeavors from work to business, and from educational to entertainment avenues, it only makes sense that the internet would be used for marketing purposes. Since the penetration of the internet has increased significantly in the past couple of years for reasons like reduction in prices, check out Cox internet plans and see how significantly cheaper the internet has become.

While circumstances like the COVID pandemic have also played a large role in people adopting the internet as a necessary service. In this fast-paced society, nobody has time for print or television advertisements, that is why these physical marketing campaigns are becoming ineffective with each passing day. Today internet-based advertising is the only logical solution and that is why people are turning towards digital marketing.    

Advantages of Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is a marketing technique that uses the internet and other digital mediums of today to market and advertise a business, its products, and services. The biggest advantage of digital marketing is that it is significantly cheaper than conventional means of marketing. As there are no physical materials involved like in print marketing, no cost of creating expensive ads and then paying heavy amounts to broadcasters for just a small slot on TV, and even no merchandise cost, that usually goes into traditional marketing. It doesn’t mean that digital marketing is completely free, but the cost is considerably less.

The other advantage is that digital marketing specifically targets a niche of customers according to the type of business and the product it wants to sell, instead of mass propagating a product that is both expensive and inefficient. 

These targeted digital marketing tactics result in both, a better lead generation which consists of valid potential customer sets, and a better ROI (Return on Investment). Another benefit associated with the cost is that digital marketing channels are easily trackable, through digital marketing a business can get a clear idea of how much money is being spent on which platform and what are the results of those investments. Moreover you can improve all digital marketing strategies with the help of marketing automation platforms like local marketing software from Adplorer.

Every lead generation is calculated individually, this empowers a business with knowledge regarding what campaign is doing well and what needs to be tweaked. Thus through this data businesses can come up with a better marketing strategy and can get a better idea about consumer patterns. This type of real-time record and cost tracking isn’t available in traditional marketing.   

Digital Marketing Techniques

Digital Marketing may seem like a small word but it encompasses a world of its own. Countless techniques classify in the category of digital marketing, however, here we are going to discuss some of the major and mostly used digital marketing techniques.

Paid Marketing (PPC) 

Paid marketing can be compared to other traditional marketing styles like print and TV marketing, the difference here is only the medium, which is the internet in this case. PPC or pay per click is a service that many online advertisers offer to businesses, most notably the tech giant Google, which is also the biggest internet ads company. PPC campaigns target customers based on their search terms, otherwise called keywords. Businesses create ads based on these keywords in order to target their specific type of customers who will be interested in their products. 

Such customers who have a history of searching those particular keywords are shown the ads that a business has placed on different websites they visit over the web, the frequency and number of placements of these ads depend upon the marketing budget and how much a business is willing to spend on these specific PPC campaigns, a model similar to traditional marketing but with much more accuracy and efficient customer targeting. 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique to optimize search results of popular search engines (mostly the Google search engine) in such a way that it shows your business’s website or products on top rankings and preferably on the first page, as most people usually lookup for products on the first page and between first three to four search results of a search engine.

The aim of SEO is to first search the relevant keywords that customers are regularly searching for and are according to the niche of the business, and then rank that said business’s website on those particular keywords. This is done in a lot of ways, the most common one being content marketing, a sub-niche of SEO in which content is used to rank a website’s ranking in search engines.

This is an organic digital marketing technique that doesn’t require capital investment. However, this is a technical thing and might not be easy for everyone, that is why businesses often give this task to marketing agencies and their fees are the only capital that is invested in SEO.

On the flip side, Search Engine Optimization is a difficult task that requires quite a lot of effort and is a slow process that takes time to fully manifest its actual potential, which is why most companies looking for quick results often ignore SEO. However, it is a very powerful digital marketing technique that deserves the world’s attention, and slowly but steadily SEO is getting a foothold in the general digital marketing prospect. 


Digital marketing is the future of business and is the way forward to push your business into the territory of excellence and huge sales number. This is the best business tactic of the modern digital world which is why we have written this article to explain how this technology works while also shedding light on different sub-technologies that exist under the umbrella of digital marketing. 

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