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Basculin How to Evolve into Bascilegion, a popular query addressed in this post. This Pokémon is incredible and can swim indefinitely without exhausting.

Do you enjoy playing Pokémon video games? Are you aware of the Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ new evolutions? Players Worldwide are excited about this new game and want to know about evolution.

While some evolutions of these Pokémon are easy to achieve, others may need a guide on how to do. With our helpful information on Basculin How to Evolve, you will achieve this goal soon. So, stick till the end and know how you can achieve it.

What is the Pokémon Legends Arceus game?

Pokémon Legends Arceus is an RPG created with the help of Game Freak and is available to play on Nintendo Switch. The game was first introduced on January 28, 2022. The game is able to create a huge fan base after its release.

However, the game needs special techniques to evolve some of the Pokémon and is not as easy as levelling up. Before proceeding on Basculin How to Evolve, let us know where to find them.

Locations where to find Basculin?

Basculin was first introduced in Generation five, and you can catch them in the Tranquility Cove and Islespy Shore waters of the Cobalt Coastlands. Additionally, you can find Basculin in the Fabled Spring of Coronet Highlands.

Meanwhile, we recommend catching Basculin from here because Basculin found here are aware of one of the abilities required for evolution and makes this process a little easy for you. Moreover, you can attempt to catch Basculin in the Alabaster Icelands’ Heart’s Crag and Lake Acuity.

Basculin How to Evolve into Basculegion in Pokémon Legends Arceus game?

After getting Basculin from the locations provided above, let us see the steps for evolution: 

  • Level Basculin to level 34 so that they learn some moves.
  • Move such as Wave crash will help later in the evolution.
  • If it is not in its move set, you can use the “change move” feature.
  • Now, it is time to battle your Basculin so that it learns to sustain recoil damage.
  • You can do this on reaching level 43 with the help of Double-Edge.
  • Finally, on receiving recoil damage from the range 280-300, Basculin is ready to evolve.
  • You notice them battling without being faint.

Before Basculin How to Evolve into Basculegion, it is essential to healing Basculin after each battle. It is because the amount of HP loss required for this evolution method will quickly put your Pokémon unconscious.

Also, target water type Basculin rather than rock and ground types. It will favour you later and help to end the battle quickly. 

What is Basculegion?

It is a Pokémon evolved from Basculin and is a water-type Pokémon. It means if you have Basculegion, then you can use them to travel in water and effortlessly battle the obstacles. 

Additionally, this Pokémon becomes agitated and attacks nonstop until the enemy is beaten when it detects enmity.


We hope Basculin How to Evolve is not that difficult after reading this guide? Moreover, once Basculin is ready to evolve, you will see the notification and evolve into Basculegion. If you want to read detailed information on Basculin, click here.

Do you want to know the evolution of other Pokémon? Then, comment and tell the name in the comment section below so that we can write in our next post. Also, do not forget to read our exciting post on

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