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This article describes a popular and influential mystic pet available in the latest edition of Pet Simulator games. Read more about Axolotl Hellish Value.

Are you interested in playing online stimulation games based on pets? If yes, this article might excite you to discuss such a pet simulation game and a particular pet here. 

Simulator game enthusiasts Worldwide are looking to find exciting and powerful pets that help gamers advance into various higher gaming levels and rankings.

Simulation game also provides the player with a real-life based gaming experience. To know more on this topic, read this article till the end about Axolotl Hellish Value.

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About Hellish Axolotl

Hellish Axolotl is one of the mythical pets available in the latest version of Pet Simulator X, wholly based on pets, activities, and various missions related to pets.

Pet Simulator X players can get Hellish Axolotl from the Shiny Axolotl Egg present. The pets with more powerful skills and tactics tend to attract more professional gamers.

Pet Simulator X is the third and latest edition of the simulator game series developed by BIG Games. The availability of various pets like Hellish Axolotl increased the game’s popularity. Learn about hellish axolotl pet sim x.

Steps to Obtain Hellish Axolotl

  • At first, the player needs to find the Shiny Axolotl Egg.
  • The player needs to unlock the gaming location Deep Axolotl Ocean to obtain the egg. 
  • Once the location is unlocked, the player can find and obtain the egg.
  • After finding the egg, the player needs to pay the price of the egg to proceed further forward.
  • The Shiny Axolotl Egg consists of a normal version and a golden version. The player can choose between these two versions according to the player’s budget and game strategies.

Axolotl Hellish Value

  • As the initial process, Pet Simulator X players need to get the Shiny Axolotl Egg.
  • The obtained Shiny Axolotl Egg need to be hatched to obtain Hellish Axolotl.
  • The obtain the normal version of Shiny Axolotl Egg; the player needs to pay 150,000 in rainbow coins.
  • The obtain the golden version of Shiny Axolotl Egg; the player needs to pay 1,350,000 in rainbow coins.

Hellish Axolotl Statics

  • The base hatching probability is set to 0.00356%.
  • The hatching chance can be increased to 0.0175% with the help of boosts. Learn more details about hellish axolotl pet sim x.
  • Hellish Axolotl’s power has influenced many gamers to onboard this mythical pet.
  • Hellish Axolotl is the first official mythical pet with over ten trillion powers.
  • The base-level Hellish Axolotl have power between 3.53 trillion to 3.73 trillion.
  • The golden level Hellish Axolotl have power between 10.6 trillion to 11.2 trillion.
  • The dark matter level Hellish Axolotl has power between 70.5 trillion and 74.6 trillion.


Powerful pets help to improve gaming points and rankings. The Pet Simulator series gained popularity due to its exciting and powerful pets like Hellish Axolotl. To know more about this topic, kindly visit.

Have you checked on Axolotl Hellish Value? If yes, please comment on the pet’s valuation below.

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