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Atune Wordle {June} Know The Correct Spelling For 360!

This article aims to assist our readers regarding Atune Wordle so that you can answer your queries.

Have you somehow managed to play 359 Wordle? Has your experience till now been a roller coaster? It is the same with performers from the United States, the United KingdomCanada and Australia. Some puzzles are easy, while some are a bit tricky. 

Puzzle number 360 was also one of the tricky ones. Wordle 360 came on 14th June 2022. But, people are still searching for the answer. All the performers who are so into the Wordle are browsing about Atune Wordle eagerly. Let’s see the details about it-

Was Atune An Answer? 

After researching and understanding everything, we realised that Atune wasn’t yesterday’s answer. There are some minor changes to the spelling. Otherwise, the word is correct. The answer to Wordle 360 was ATONE. 

Atune isn’t even a proper word, according to the dictionaries. It’s attuned, which means to fetch into a treaty, peace, or close friendship; adjust. And the meaning of Atone is to indicate an apology for performing something false. In short, it means creating amends. 

What are the Hints Related to Atune Game

Before finding the answer, we comprehended the solution through the following hints. 

  • Yesterday’s answer had 3 vowels, a rare scenario in Wordle. 
  • Moreover, it was a 5-letter word. 
  • Furthermore, the answer started with the vowel, and that alphabet is A.
  • Also, the puzzle ended with the vowel, and that alphabet is E.
  • The synonyms of yesterday’s answer are reimbursing, expiate and requite. 

So, these were some hints that can be helpful to reckon the answer. Let’s see other details regarding the explanation below-

Why is Atune Wordle Trending? 

This term is trending because of people’s guessed answers. Although atune isn’t a word, people got confused after going through the hints and continuously thought the same word is atune. There’s only one incorrect vowel. Is ‘u’ instead of o. And the reasons behind this confusion are still uncommon to us. 

All About Atone-

Atone is a formal word in various English dictionaries. According to Merriam-Webster, it means to procure or assist as reparation or reimbursement for something guilty or unpleasant. It is the most famous and widely accepted Atone Definition. Apart from this, the definition of the Cambridge dictionary is different.

That is to do something that indicates you are sad about something guilty you did or for something you declined to do. Moreover, as per the Collins dictionary, it’s a particular third-person tense. And the meaning is the same as Merriam Webster’s one. 

Therefore, if anyone is atoned for something that they have performed, they do something to exhibit when they feel embarrassed for what they did. 


As a concluding thought, we hope the Wordle 360 of 14th June is clear to you. You’re requested to keep playing Wordle without giving up easily. Atune Wordle was just an illusion of people that we tried to resolve by jotting down the actual answer. 

Besides, we have collected all the information based on Internet research. If you want to know more, click here. And, comment down your guessed answer. 

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