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Are you obsessed over cartoons and so into the series world? If so, you must be acquainted with a dynamic personality known as Arturo Moreno. He is famous as a Spanish cartoonist and actor in CanadaGermany, the United States and the United Kingdom

He’s quite prominent for Terminal List episode 4 and his multi-millionaire act of buying the baseball team. But what happened suddenly on social media platforms? Is the death news of Arturo true? Let’s find the detailed answers to Arturo Moreno Terminal List below-

What’s the Connection between Arturo and Terminal List? 

Terminal List is an action series whose first episode was released on 1st July 2022. There are a total of 8 episodes of this series. As per the sources, Arturo Moreno acted as an entertainer who united in The Terminal List episode 4. 

But, we couldn’t find his name in the list of cast and crew of the terminal. Instead, the name of Arturo Castro as Jordan Groff is given. Maybe, the audience got confused between Castro and Moreno. Let’s see if Moreno’s death is true or false. 

Is Arturo Moreno Death News True? 

Arturo Moreno was born on 14th August 1946. According to authentic sources like Wikipedia, he is 75 years old, and no date or place of death is mentioned anywhere. But, as per some sources, like through some social media handles, specifically YouTube, he is dead. 

Handful unusual videos of random funerals have been circulated with the caption of Arturo’s last rituals. But, no authentication exists behind those videos, and even the comments sections are off. In short, we don’t believe in his death due to the lack of genuine sources. 

Why is Arturo Moreno Terminal List Trending? 

Arturo Moreno is an incredibly popular personality in the United States. In 2013, he was the first American to hold a crucial athletics team, the Anaheim Angels baseball squad from the Walt Disney Company. His death news cannot spread like this in an extremely unusual way. That’s why people are confused about the rumours and eager to get the correct information. 

Is Arturo’s Obituary Available? 

An obituary is an important and reliable piece of writing when there is confusion about someone’s death. Unfortunately, as of now, there is no Arturo Moreno Obituary present. Usually, family members or close relatives provide the obituaries, and we couldn’t get anything from family or friends of Arturo. 

We wish he’s safe and sound, and these are just random rumours. And, if God forbids Arturo to be no more, we wish the heartiest condolences to his entire family and close relatives. May we get the best news regarding his existence soon so we can update you too. 


As a final thought, there is a lot of confusion regarding Arturo Moreno’s life and death. We hope we have given you the best information regarding the Arturo Moreno Terminal ListMay all the queries, dilemmas and confusions resolve soon. We are only waiting for the good news. 

All the given information in this write-up is based on internet research. Moreover, to know more, click here. And comment on the difference between obituary and death notice. 

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