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This article provides comprehensive information about Area Code 657 Phone Scams and identifying and avoiding such scams.

Area Code 657 Scams are on the rise in the United States. Did you know that carrier providers are still trying to implement steps to protect their subscribers from scams? Area code 657 pertains to CALIFORNIA (CA). Area code 657 covers a large demography with 48 Zip codes. Would you like to know more about such scams? What measures can you take to avoid being scammed?

Below are details on Area Code 657 Phone Scams will answer all your questions.

Area Code 657 Scams:

With experience in the past about 657 phone scams, we know that scammers send text messages in four major formats listed below:

  • A text message to claim your Amazon gift by entering your personal details on the website link provided in the message,
  • Text message informing you had received a shipment, but your address details are not clear,
  • Text messages to apply for a Job by entering your curriculum vitae on the website link provided in the text message,
  • Text messages to claim freebies (or) a lucky draw by calling the number given in the text message.

How do Area Code 657 Phone Scams work?

  • Scammers will try to get your PII in a SINGLE ATTEMPT (or) IN PARTS. 
  • On a single call, the scammer will create an URGENCY to give your PII. Thus giving you little time to think if it is a scam attempt.
  • The scammer focuses on obtaining a PII set as secret questions for resetting passwords (or) PINs. For example, the scammer may attempt to get your Zip code in one attempt, DoB in the second attempt, email in the third attempt, etc. 
  • The safest path followed by skillful scammers is to hack information from your phone once you click on the website link provided in the Area Code 657 Phone Scams. It happens in the background without you speaking to a scammer and without responding to the text message.

Avoiding scam messages:

  • Do not respond to such numbers unless you know the message is from legitimate sources.
  • iPhone and Android have options in the text message window to block such numbers.
  • Report such numbers by forwarding the message to 7726. 
  • In Android and iPhone, you get Spam protection options which you should ENABLE. 
  • Use your mobile service provider to filter out scam and spam numbers. 
  • Subscribe to T-Mobile Scam Shield (or) Verizon Call Filter to avoid scam numbers. 
  • To avoid Area Code 657 Phone Scams, use applications available on Apple and Play Store to identify phone numbers reported as suspicious by the user community.
  • As a compulsory measure, install anti-virus on your phone. Anti-virus will block malicious scripts that target obtaining payment information and PII.


Unfortunately, 657 area code is rated HIGHEST scam alerts and LOWEST in trust score. Scammers get information about your phone numbers via publicly accessible sources such as FB, Twitter, manual records, and other sources that are NOT FULLY MONITORED FOR PRIVACY. Please avoid this. 

Do you have your phone number accessible on the internet that can be targeted for Area Code 657 Phone Scams? Let us know your views on Area Code 657 Scams prevention measures.

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