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Gaming Tips Arceus Legends Zorua

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Pokemon legends Arceus is a role-playing video game played by millions of gamers Worldwide. This video game was launched on the 25th Anniversary of Pokemon green and red. Pokemon legends Arceus was launched on 28 January 2022. It is available in nine languages: French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, traditional and simplified Chinese, English, Korean and German.

The game is mainly famous for the varieties of Pokemons. Today we will discuss all the details about one of the famous Pokemon, Arceus Legends Zorua.

About Zorua

We know that Pokemon games have numerous Pokemons that have peculiar abilities. Zorua is one of the Pokemons of Pokemon legends Zorua. It is a dark Pokemon inaugurated in Generation V. It has a form, Hisuian, introduced in VIII Generation. This Hisuian form is available in white fluffy grey fur.

Zorua is 2 ’04’ ‘ 0.7 m tall and weighs 27.6 lbs 12.5 kg. It evolved to Hisui Zoroark. It has triangular ears, a black nose, and blue eyes. This Dark-type Pokemon is weak against bugs, fighting, and fairy. It breeds the field egg group and 6425 – 6681 steps hatch time. Arceus Legends Zorua gender ratio is 12.5% female and 87.5%, male.

How to catch Zorua?

You can find Zorua in the tunnel system dead ends or between paths in the fork. So players can find the tunnel system easily. The path for the tunnel system underground is a straight line so players can find the dead end easily. You can see Hisuian Zorua in the ground for a fight so you can capture it by battle.

Players can throw an ultra belt on zorua to defeat it. Zorua is in its higher 20s, so players can catch it easily using an ultra ball. To get the ultra ball, you can access Rank star six levels in the game. It can be achieved by getting Pokemons in the location following Alabaster Iceland.

Arceus Legends Zorua

Zorua has a timid nature that helps him to develop his illusion abilities. Zorua tends to keep its original form secret for its protection and takes the form of other Pokemons to frighten its enemies. It occasionally turns into a child so that it can get food. It sometimes replaces talkative normal children.

Zorua is well known as a trickster who possesses the ability to transform into the form of other Pokemons to gimmick, confuse and surprise rivals. They can be transformed into a human and other Pokemons. Zorua resides in forest lush or mountains with their parents. Erratically, it can be found in trainers in cities. Arceus Legends Zorua has many abilities which can easily defeat its enemies.


Players must know the strength and weaknesses of the Pokemons before finding them. Zorua belongs to the species of Tricky Fox Pokemon. It looks like a fox cub. You can go through the given steps to find this Pokemon. To know more about zorua, visit this link.  

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