Aot Fan Made Ending {May} Series With Incomplete Ending!

Aot Fan Made Ending 2021 cenejoia

Aot Fan Made Ending {May} Series With Incomplete Ending!>> This news article shares information about a series and its alternate ending by the people.

Do you indulge yourself completely into the series and want a complete and happy ending to it? If yes, then this article would make you curious about a series that has already become famous and gained popularity worldwide, especially in the Philippines, Canada, India and the United States

Attack on Titan (AOT) is a series that is mainly based on Japanese manga series. However, it recently got ended with an incomplete version, which is making its fans disappointed. Therefore, the rumour of Aot Fan Made Ending is spreading all over the world. 

What is Attack on Titans?

It is a very popular Japanese Manga Series which is edited and written by Hajime Isayama. This series is a fictional story illustrating a place where humans survives in a city protected by the three walls to save them from man-eating humanoids, viz, Titans. It depicts Eren Yeager who vows to end these Titans, but titans have killed his mother, and the story follows more details. 

This series ended recently, but the ending made their fans disappointed, and they are demanding another end of this series. Therefore, the rumour of Aot Fan Made Ending is spreading among the people in a speedy way.

What is the case of an AOT leak? 

Some spoilers leak the news before it is released. The same happened in this case; a trusted site Zakken released the news that AOT will release the rest of the series before the official announcement. The fans were expecting the ending. But now, it seems that the next chapter will not be released. 

What is Aot Fan Made Ending?

The rumoured ending of this series has a new turn. It shows that Mikasa is living with her husband and kids, and Eren moved on from Mikasa. He did love Mikasa, but it did not happen in Attack on Titans. 

Thus, this is the rumoured ending of this series, which it seems may not be true. But, of course, we all don’t know whether this rumour is true or not. 

Thus, we need to wait for the official announcement of the Art to release any further chapter of this series. We hope that you are now clear with the Aot Fan Made Ending rumour and the real series. If you want to gain more information, you can click here

Final Verdict:

As the series came to an end and fans were disappointed with the ending, the rumour spread among the community. The rumour of alternate ending of this series has another ending that may be different from the official ending, and thus, we are not clear about it till the further announcement of the Attack on Titans. Thus, we recommend not to believe in rumours of Aot Fan Made Ending and cross-check with the official announcement. 

What are your views regarding the ending of this series? You can share your views in the comment section below. 

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