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If you are looking out for the details and features of Ancient Ceremonial Robes Osrs, then this article has all the pointers revealed for your clarity.

Are you seeking out the details of ancient robes? What do these stand for? From which game are these associated? What is God Wars Dungeon?

God Wars Dungeon is a popular game amongst the players and has hype in the United States, the United Kingdom, and many other parts of the world. Ancient Ceremonial Robes are one of the add-ons for this platform, allowing players with special features.

Look down to the details mentioned below for Ancient Ceremonial Robes Osrs to know what does it deal with!

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Details for God of Dungeon:

Before extracting the facts and features for ceremonial robes, let’s first dig into the details of this game to know the gameplay and plot.

GOD or God of Dungeon is a dungeon that refers to the prison of cells where armies for various gods fight, a leftover version from the God Wars. The first dungeon was released back on 28th August 2007. This was right 18 days after the archive of Rune Space on the which the old school was based on released back on 10th August 2007.

What are Ancient Ceremonial Robes Osrs?

Therefore, these ceremonial robes are dropped by the Fumus, Umbra, Ancient Mages, Glacies and Curator in the Ancient Prison of GOD. Players who own or wear a full set for these ancient ceremonial robes have the opportunity to proceed through Ancient Prison without having the kill count.

These robes also do not provide any protection or guard against the god ailed monsters and do not provide any bonus. Therefore, players need to carry their equipment and food with them.

All the players who own this set also have an emote option that can be activated by clicking “Activate” on the robe top. Ancient Ceremonial Robes Osrs full set can also be stored in armour case that a player owns in their house.

What does OSRS stand for? 

OSRS is an abbreviation for Old School Rune Space. This hype is its recent update release back on 5th January, featuring the returns for Nex, the fifth general. This update can be installed for free by all the players, expected to be launching at 11.3 AM. Therefore, some key changes have been made in this latest update, allowing players with a new experience.

Players have an option to skip the kill count to reach Nex when they are wearing Ancient Ceremonial Robes Osrs. 

What are the prices for Ancient Ceremonial Robe Sets?

To get these sets, players need to bear a set price. For example, the ancient Ceremonial Mask costs 7013, the Ancient Ceremonial Top for 66,481 ancient ceremonial legs for 43,307, ancient ceremonial gloves for 4727 and the ceremonial boots cost 4699. These costs need to be paid in the form of in-game coins used in GOD.

Final Verdict:

God of Dungeon and Old School Rune Space have together developed the feature for ancient ceremonial sets, providing multiple features to the players for a levelled-up game. Rune Space Fandom Wiki will further help you with detailed information and updates.

Do you own your Ancient Ceremonial Robes Osrs yet? Please share your views for the same in the comments section below.

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