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Among Us. Vip (Jan 2021) Free Skins Or Scam?

Among Us. Vip (Jan 2021) Free Skins Or Scam?  >> The users who want to get custom skins without any cost, then read this article and know website’s legitimacy.  

Among Us. Vip: During the covid-19 pandemic to spent the time, people try different methods. And some start playing the online game. But when anyone plays the Among Us game Worldwide, then they become its fan. Due to its outer space them and its mission.Besides it, people also loved it due to character customization and pets in the game. You can purchase pets and custom skins to enjoy your character and game experience. But they are paid. Now you can get them free of cost by a website. Let get details for the free skin website.

What is Among Us. Vip?

During the in-depth analysis of the website, we found it is a free custom skin giving website for among us game. From this website, users will get free custom skin at zero cost by completing a simple survey or task.When any user from Worldwide Corner’s open, this website gets approximately five minutes to get three skins, the offer is limited and valid for the mentioned time. Let get more details about this website.

Description of amongus.vip

  • URL: The Link to get three custom skins is https://amongus.vip/.
  • URL Creation: The URL of Among Us. Vip was created on 15 October 2020.
  • URL Expiry: The domain of this website will expire on 15 October 2021.
  • URL Age: The age of this URL is more than two months yet.
  • Skins available in the offer: During this website survey, players can get three skins from listed skins. Listed skins are God, Dinosaur, Spiderman, Rainbow, Devil, Pikachu, Pantha, Superman, Dark Lord, Dream, captain, Lizard, Rhino, Doctor, boneless, Icey, Ghosty, Panda, and Mario skins.

Pros of this website

  • It gives the three free custom skins during the website survey, and these skins are costly to purchase in among us game.

Cons of this website

  • This Among Us. Vip website is not recommended by among us platform.
  • It asks to complete surveys that may contain the virus.

How among us user will claim three custom skins on it?

To claim free skins, users have to select three skins from the above-listed skins. After selecting, click on the claim button, and it will do the human verification test. During the verification, it will ask to complete the verification by completing the two tasks. In these tasks, you have to complete any survey or to download any app.

Is Among Us. Vip legit?

We get that this website age is two months old and not recommended by any offical website. Further, it asks to complete a survey. It may be risky or collects the personal information of users. So in our opinion, it is not legit.

Final verdict

We get that it is not a safe site as it asks to complete a survey, or it is not sure it gives free skins as there are no official updates about it. We don’t recommend it, but users can try it at their risk.For more details about Among Us. Vip, write to us in the comment section.

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