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Among Us Update Glitch (March) Let Us Learn The Update!

Among Us Update Glitch (March) Let Us Learn The Update! >> Read to know all the news that has been done to bring the game back to normal for everyone.

Did you face the Among Us Update Glitch while playing Among Us on any device? Well, everybody, it seems like you are not alone! Everyone playing Among Us are facing troubles.

The famous game by InnerSloth is about to give a significant update soon for launching the game’s Airship map. But its developers planned on adding some small features before this update. And unfortunately, the small feature update made in the game on 6 March 2021 uprooted some glitches in the United States, the United Kingdom, and all other countries.

Why is there Among Us Update Glitch?

Among Us released the Quick Chat feature through an update in the game on 6 March 2021. The update included a faster, easier and safer way to chat with friends. The feature gives you the following categories in a quick option: Accusation, Crew, Systems, Question, Statements, Location, and Response. You can select any category and then type a short message for your crewmates to understand.

Soon after the update was released, the developers realized the glitches that came with it. It is normal because often updates in games come with some of the other technical glitches.

Is Among Us Update Glitch resolved?

It is needless to say how good the creators and developers of Among Us are. They tweeted, letting gamers know that the glitches have come with the new update for all devices and working on them. 

It has been two days since the developers of Among Us are fixing the game. They are posting every little detail of the bugs that they are resolving in the new updates launched. 

They have been resolving bugs and glitches platform-wise.

Which all platforms are made free from glitches?

Here are some patch notes from Among Us Update Glitch that the developers fix:

  • They fixed the appearance of a blank screen while creating a room on a PC.
  • ‘Players unable to find lobbies on public list’ issue is resolved on PC.
  • Age gate reduced to 13 years on PC, Android, and iOS.
  • Desync issues and black screen appearance fixed in Android and iOS.
  • Lobby issue fixed on iOS. 

Some glitches and visual bugs are still not fixed, and updates will be out soon.

Gamer’s Reactions:

People were frustrated over the glitches that came with the Quick chat update, but at the same time, they were happy to see how hard the developers are working in fixing the game.

One user mentioned on Twitter that he loved how their account did not sound like a robot not saying anything about the game’s development. He also wished good luck to them for fixing the bugs. Many told the creators of Among Us to take their time in resolving the issues.

Final Verdict:

Among Us Update Glitch is something not faced by you alone. These bugs came with the new Quick chat feature update and are still being worked upon by the developers of Among Us.

Did you like the new Quick Chat feature in the game? And are you excited about the Airship map? Let us know in the comments below.

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