Among Us Quick Chat Only Greyed Out {Aug} New Feature!

Among Us Quick Chat Only Greyed Out 2021

Among Us Quick Chat Only Greyed Out {Aug} New Feature! >> Have you ever read about the Among us app and the other information about it to enable the free chat? Check the article below.

In the quick chat, turning off the short has been possible. As mentioned online, the various steps to be get followed. Check the following information to know the Among Us Quick Chat Greyed Out and disable the quick chat among us and more in the United States. This article contains full-fledged information about quick chat, age issues, and free chat usage.

I am turning off a quick chat in Among Us.

On the 6th of March, the Among us had added a new version in which the quick chat feature has been introduced. It had made the chat more accessible, convenient, safer, and usable. It had made the players communicate faster and easier in the Among us. If the player is an adult, he will get nowhere to stick out with the quick chat feature only in the United States. Let’s go through the Among Us Quick Chat Greyed Out as mentioned in the article.

Steps in disabling the quick chat among us.

Now, a quick update has not been come up under the quick chat. The players can disable this function with the help of the options that are available by selecting the option that is named the “Free or Quick chat” to get the best opinion and results from this. Following were the steps to be followed as mentioned below:

  • Go to the Among us and mention there your Age.
  • Save the information and go to the “Settings” option to set the Among Us Quick Chat Greyed Out.
  • Then, you are required to tap on the option “Data.”
  • Under the chat type option, click on the Free or Quick chat.
  • Now, you will be free to use the following options.

Also, the point to be noted is that if the player had entered his Age below 13 years, that option would be set as “Quick Chat” by default.

Option of changing the Age on the PC also with the Among Us Quick Chat Greyed Out.

If you had entered your wrong Age by mistake, then the Among us will not let you change the option after as once selected. But on the PC, you can do the following steps:

  • Go through the Windows Explorer.
  • Search the following address that is: C:\Users\(your-username-folder)\
  • Click on the View and hidden items.
  • Tap on the player prefs.
  • Select Notepad and then on OK.
  • Set the birth date format and click on a file and then save.

The Greyed Out will be set out if the Age is below 13. After that, you will be able to use the free chat option like an average adult.


So, as mentioned above about the Among Us Quick Chat Greyed Out and the Among us. One can use this option of updating their Age if it has been entered wrong by them once with the help of the Innersloth. This function has also been introduced so that the players can play the game by using the conversation freely and more conveniently in the game.

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