Among Us Proximity Voice Chat Mod Download (Feb 2021) Try It!

Among Us Proximity Voice Chat Mod Download

Among Us Proximity Voice Chat Mod Download (Feb 2021) Try It! >> This article will get the information for a new Mod version of a game and its possible features and details.

Among Us Proximity Voice Chat Mod Download: From the last couple of weeks, many videos uploaded on social media, and in those videos, they are arguing and discussing with other gamers. Further, this game is all about communication to find out imposter in the game. In voice chat, discussion and communication with other players become comfortable, and that’s why every Among Us players want to know about this proximity voice chat Mod.  

Currently, there is no update from Among Us servers from the United States for its official updates of voice chat. But there is some options available if you want to talk with your group members. Like you can use any third-party voice chat, or you can install its Mod version from the internet. 

What is Among Us Proximity Voice Chat Mod?

There is not any voice features available in the Among Us game. No option of inbuilt voice chat makes it difficult for gamers to communicate. To get rid of this situation, gamers start looking for other options like third-party voice chat and Mod for the game.

Here, Among Us Proximity Voice Chat Mod Download is available on the internet for gamers. This Mod is a server Side mod that allows using Voice chat.  

Proximity voice chat is a communication system where gamers can discuss and chat with other gamers. Further, if someone is far from you, then that player cannot listen to you. Apart from this, if an imposter is near you in the game, the imposter can also listen to your voice discussions with other crew members.

How Among Us Proximity Voice Chat will change the game?

Sometimes in the game, emergency meetings end without ejecting anybody because no one saw the game’s imposter. But with Among Us Proximity Voice Chat Mod Download, makes it easier to find out imposter if anyone was seeing him killing the other player.

Where do you download Among Us Proximity Chat Mod?

The game was last updated in October 2020, but there is no option for voice chats in this update. Further, there is not any news from Among Us game developers from the United States. But it looks like it is a part of the server’s side implementation and created by some of its developers. Currently, this feature is not available for the public. 

What did we think of Among Us Proximity Voice Chat Mod?

On social media, among US proximity voice chat mod is getting popularity for its features. Further, some people want this feature in their game. But this feature may lead to voice trolls, and it will create problems for gamer safety. It may also spoil the game’s suspense if anyone knows who the imposter is and starts telling everyone in the game. Among Us Proximity Voice Chat Mod Download may negatively change the game.

If you have any queries for this Mod download, then contact us via the comments section below.

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