Among Us Phantom Role (April) All About New Among Us Role

Among Us Phantom Role 2021

Among Us Phantom Role (April) All About New Among Us Role >> The write-up shares details about the new role in the popular game, Among Us. Please check the information now.  

Are you passionate Among Us players? Do you want to win the game as Among Us Phantom Role? Yes, it is possible in a new Phantom Gameplay introduced in the multiplayer game, Among Us.

Phantom is the new role in the game, and any player can opt for this role to complete the tasks secretly. However, some fusses are involved in the role, which will be discussed later in the post. 

Players in the United States are already enjoying the new gameplay and winning the levels as Phantom. Please continue reading to learn more about the new gameplay. 

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What is the New Among Us Phantom Role?

Phantom is the new character in the popular multiplayer social deduction game, Among Us. It is the role of one of the crewmembers in the team, and the character needs to complete the assigned task after getting killed. 

The Phantom needs to complete the assigned task to accomplish the level and win. However, the character’s prime task is to keep completing the task without getting noticed and recognized by other imposters in the team. 

The Phantom role is only activated when a crewmember dies in between the game. So, players have to die to play the Among Us Phantom Role. After becoming the phantom in the game, they need to complete the tasks without getting killed or caught by others. 

If the phantom fails to complete the task and gets recognized by others, they turn into ghosts and die permanently in the game. The task also gets reset. Players in the United States are enjoying the new role of the phantom in the game.   

How Does the Phantom Role Work in the Game?

The phantom role in the game is activated only after the crewmember dies in the level. So, any team member can activate and play as Phantom in the game once he/she dies. As Among Us Phantom Role is activated, the player restarts the tasks and completes them secretly without getting caught by others. 

The only pitfall associated with the new role is that if the Phantom character gets caught by anyone, he/she gets killed and turns into a ghost. The character diminishes from the game permanently, and the task gets reset. 

But, if Phantom completes all the tasks, he/she wins the level with different rewards. The character needs to complete all the tasks and click the “emergency” button to end the game and win the level.

What Phantom Role Do in the Game?

The Phantom role needs to complete the assigned tasks secretly without getting noticed. After activating the role, the players have to play the game clandestinely, complete all 4-5 tasks, hit the emergency button to end the game and win the level. 

However, the Among Us Phantom Role is very challenging to lead. If someone notices the role and click on it, the character dies permanently and turns into a ghost.       


The Phantom Role is the new inclusion in the popular social deduction game. Players are enjoying the role and playing the game as a phantom. 

However, players have to die first to play as a phantom in the game. Have you tried playing the game like Phantom? Please share your views in the comment section of this Among Us Phantom Role post.

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