Among Us Parasite Mod (Jan 2022) Read To Check New Features

Among Us Parasite Mod

Among Us Parasite Mod (Jan 2022) Read To Check New Features >> Read this article to get all the information about a new mod introduced recently to your dearest social deduction game. 

Have you tried out new Among Us mods? If not, and you are yet to see the fresh set, then let’s tell you about Among Us Parasite Modwhich’s not your regular working mod. 

After the multiplayer social deduction game’s success and the count of players from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom increased, the developers have decided to add new features this year. 

So, without wasting more time, let’s get into the details about it.         

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What new mods recently added to Among Us?

Mods usually change the role of the players. To make the game more interesting, Innersloth included mods like Sheriff, Medic, Engineer, Joker, Lovers, and Jester. 

They have unique powers to control the overall play, and that’s some flavor to enjoy in a regular Imposter/Crewmate game. But what’s Parasite mod

Is Among Us Parasite Mod New to Game? 

As we explained above, developers of the game are adding new roles and features to gear up the already popular game. Recently, it was announced that the most awaiting Airship Map is going to launch on 31st March 2021. 

Also, a new mod was introduced in Among Us, about which not much information was out. Some YouTube channels dedicated to Among Us game uploaded a video about it, and there’s a discussion going on. 

Parasite engulfs the infected player and doesn’t kill them. It morphs another player that looks like you. Using arrow keys, you can control both of them. 

Is Among Us Parasite Mod Kills the Original Player? 

The introduction of a new mod in the game has spiced up the chatbox, and one can listen to streamers having a fun time. In a video by Among Us Academy channel on YouTube, 5up explained a little about Parasite mod. 

After morphing into your character, it surely doesn’t kill you. So, what does it do? If someone sees you both, you can corner them to a place on the map and destroy them. 

When you die, the body on the ground is not yours; it’s the Parasite one. Also, anyone who is infected by the new mod will be carrying its hat in the meetings. 

People Like It? 

The Among Us Parasite Mod is getting massive attention from the players in the gaming community. They are having a great time with the new addition. 

So far, players are learning more about Parasite mod and how it can affect the whole lobby. They find it creepy and super fun. However, they detected a bug in it, which might have been fixed. 


There’s always hype, and new videos roll out whenever a new feature like a quick chat option or new mods comes in the game. We have shared all the possible details about the new mysterious mod. 

But there’s more to explore in Among Us Parasite Mod that needs to be addressed. So, what are you waiting for? Go and try out the new mod today. 

We are waiting to read your experience in our comment section. Also, tell us what your favorite mod is in Among Us? 

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  1. Sounds like you don’t know what you’re talking about. Innersloth didn’t make any mods for amongus. They’re by independent developers including ottomated.

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