Among Us In Real Life Sus Sus (April) Details Inside!


Among Us In Real Life Sus Sus (April) Details Inside! >> The article talks about a popular game and the memes and songs that are created surrounding the same and user reception.

The imposter game, Among Us, has surely won the hearts of millions of players across the globe, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Besides new features and updates, the game is only becoming popular among fans, with the graph rising steadily to the top.

The latest craze in this bandwagon is Among Us in Real Life Sus Sus, a song created by one of the fans and popular singer. So, please continue to read the entire article, know what the song is all about, and how fans are showing their love for the popular game.

Who is Rebecca Zamolo?

First, Rebecca Zamolo is the creator of the wonderful song dedicated to the Among Us game. She is an American singer who is also the creator of yet another popular series, Game Master Network. The latest to join the list is the Among Us in Real Life Sus Sus, where the singer has beautifully encrypted the whole gameplay in the form of lyrics.

Moreover, just like the game, the song is also an instant hit among the fans, who cannot stop themselves from listening to it in the loop.

The Popular Lyrics

The song’s popular lyrics begin with the singer stating of playing the game among us in real life, where she is with her crew in the spaceship. And further continuing the lyrics with explaining how they have to split now and do their tasks to find who is the imposter.

What is Among Us in Real Life Sus Sus?

The lyrics are quite alluring and easy to remember, thereby explaining the whole game and its experience in the form of a song.

Apart from the song, fans have also created memes surrounding the Among Us game theme of finding imposters. For example, one meme showcases two astronauts strolling on a planet and with a user commenting, this is how Among Us was created.

Reception of Fans

Fans from across the globe have shown mixed reaction. While some are shown to be completely floored by the lyrics, others have also criticised the lyrics and showing their displeasure for listening to Among Us in Real Life Sus Sus song.


Among Us is a popular multiplayer strategy game wherein the players must find the imposters and reduce the number of opponents to emerge the victor. However, if the imposters find you, then they would be the winners.

The song and its lyrics were released in November 2020. However, fans continue to hear out this song and view their opinions about how they felt about the lyrics and the singer.

So, what are your opinions? Have you heard the Among Us in Real Life Sus Sus yet? If yes, what did you like about it, and what made you cringe? We do like to hear out your opinion and share it with our readers. Why not share your views in the comments box below.

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