Amazon Return Store Arlington TX (Nov) Read The Insight!

Amazon Return Store Arlington TX (May) Read The Insight!

Amazon Return Store Arlington TX (Nov) Read The Insight! >> This article gives you information about the new Amazon return store and its specifications.

Do you want to know the return policy of the Amazon Company? Are you aware of the return centers of the Amazons around the world? Amazon Company is one of the biggest online shopping stores in different countries like the United States, UK, and many other countries. 

In this article, we will cover the company’s return policy and tell you about the Amazon Return Store Arlington TX and the people’s view on the store. So let’s check it out. 

What is the return policy of Amazon?

 Amazon is of the most recognized online shopping website where you can find almost everything. Its services are available in many countries like the United States and almost every country. Sometimes when people receive their order, they want to return it as it couldn’t match their expectations. 

So to get off this problem, Amazon has many return stores in the store, and one of them is Amazon Return Store Arlington TX, located in Texas. All the return items in Texas go to this store of Amazon Company, where it is kept safe, and the main dealer then picks the items and exchanges them. 

According to the Amazon Return Policy, if the product is eligible for return or refund, you can proceed and return the product yourself or through courier pickup. This policy is followed globally. Also, now there’s a return Amazon store opened in Arlington, so let’s let it out about the store in detail. 

Amazon Return Store Arlington TX

One of the departmental stores in Arlington, known as Kohl’s department, is now accepting the Amazon Return, confirmed by the Amazon Company. It is now considered at the Amazon return store, where the return and refund items of the Amazon are stored safely till they get picked by the manufacturer. The stores open at 10 am and opens all week till 9 pm. 

The store is located in the middle of southeast Arlington and Southwest Arlington, as you can be seen in the location section. You can check this site for more details about the Amazon return store.

Specification of the Arlington Return Store 

  • Address of Amazon Return Store Arlington TX – 5410 S Cooper St, Arlington, TX 76017 
  • No reviews mentioned till now on the website
  • Telephone- (817) 417-6540 
  • Timings- opens at 10am-9pm
  • Opening days- Monday- Sunday. Same time
  • Brand- Amazon Pop-Up
  • Store features- Amazon returns, Wi-Fi availability, EV charging station
  • Contactless pay with just one scan 
  • You can buy the product online at Kohl’s website and pick it up from the store.


With the given information and the specifications about Amazon Return Store Arlington TX, we know that the Kohl’s departmental store accepts Amazon returns. People in Arlington have to opportunity to return their Amazon Return items in this departmental store. If you ever get scammed with retuned store, then please read here to know more.

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