Amazon Bonus Credit Text (April) Know The True Facts!

Amazon Bonus Credit Text 2021

Amazon Bonus Credit Text (April) Know The True Facts! >> The write-up shares details about the new text messages claiming to offer bonus credits to online buyers.

People love getting rewards and credits for online shopping. Amazon Bonus Credit Text is creating a buzz amongst online buyers and everyone in the United States wants to know if it is legit or another scam.

Online scammers know that people like to win rewards and get free credits for online shopping on So, they send scam and fake text messages claiming to offer $100 and $150 bonus credit for Amazon shopping.

Recipients need to click on the provided link and share details to win the bonus credit, and this is where the actual scam starts. Let us browse more information about it.

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What is Amazon Bonus Credit Text?

Amazon Bonus Credit Message or Text is the new scam message that online buyers in the United States receive on their mobile phones. The text message claims to offer up to $150 bonus credit for online shopping on

However, the text message is not from the Amazon server or the Amazon authorities. It is the text message from online scammers who send such messages to steal card details and people’s personal information.  

They send the text with a suspicious link which recipients need to click to share their personal and card details to win the rewards or bonus credit. So, the scammer steals the personal information from innocent buyers and sells them to third parties for money. 

There is no confirmation for such Amazon Bonus Credit Text from the company, and it could be a scam.   

What to do to Prevent Such Scam Texts?

There are different ways to prevent and stay protected from such scammer messages. You must be vigilant and alert with such random messages.  

  • The general rule is that you must not believe in random messages and follow the steps as mentioned. You must verify it with the company before sharing any details.
  • You must know the ways to identify text scams. The random messages always come with a unique link, and it claims to offer rewards and bonus credits. But, you must verify it online before clicking on the link. 
  • You must opt for the “Do Not Disturb” service where you won’t receive such random Amazon Bonus Credit Text messages from scammers.   
  • Recipients can also report about the scam messages at BBB Scam Tracker online.
  • If you have clicked the link and shared your card details, please call your bank and block the card immediately to stay protected.   

What are Customer Reactions?

We have found video reviews online, which were published recently. The video review confirms that it is the scam text messages from online scammers, which must be avoided.

Many people in the video’s comment section shared their views and said they have been receiving such messages and want to know its legitimacy. So, the footage clarifies that it a scam text and must be avoided.


Amazon Bonus Credit Text is a scam message from some online scammers, and it must not be trusted. Besides, there is no confirmation from Amazon for such deals, offers, and bonus credits. So, people must avoid such random messages and stay alert. 

Have you received such random scam messages? Please share your views in the comment section.

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