All Potions In Wacky Wizards (Aug 2021) How To Unlock?

All Potions In Wacky Wizards

All Potions In Wacky Wizards (Aug 2021) How To Unlock? >> Want to know the latest updates on potions, spell list, and their ingredients? Go through this post and learn the details.

Have you heard about Wacky Wizards? This is one of the most trending games on the Roblox platform that is stealing a lot of attention from gamers Worldwide.

If you’re unaware of this game, we bring complete information on Wacky Wizards and All Potions In Wacky Wizards. Continue reading this post till the end, and this article will unveil all the details you need to know.

What is Wacky Wizards?

Wacky Wizards is becoming a popular game Worldwide, as this offers players a unique platform to have fun in making different potions by using different ingredients. The developer- Jandel and Foryxe, introduced this game with advanced features by removing all previous errors.

For the current updates, you will need to check your notifications every Wednesday. The latest features such as potion remaining, a storyline, added 30 new potions, saving potion, and updated map with new features are introduced.

All Potions In Wacky Wizards

Approximately 74 potions are available in this game, in which 30 new potions were added on 24th June, 2021. Here we have shown, in the table, some of its popular potions and their ingredients; check below:

S. No. Potion Name Potion Ingredients
1. Bold Brain and chilly (sets head on fire & burns accessories)
2. Bang Brain, ear, giants, and dynamite (makes head grow huge and bang)
3. Bouncy Giraffe hoof and dynamite (makes your feet to explode)
4. Banana Beans, Giraffe hoof, Giant’s, ear, and fairly (makes you giant gorilla)
5. Long neck pool noodle and Giraffe hoof (makes neck long)
6. Air jumping Giraffe hoof and Bird and this is quite trending of All Potions In Wacky Wizards.
7. Caveman You and Frozen Egg (turns player into caveman)
8. Water walking Fish and Frozen Egg (makes you walk on water)
9. Fire walking Bird, Chili Pepper ( you can walk on fire)
10. Speedy Giraffe Hoof (speeds up character)
11. Tiny Fairy (makes character smaller)
12. Beany Beans (turns into bean)
13. Cleetu’s Cleetus’s Hat (turns into Cleetus)
14. Tall Giraffe Hood and Giant’s Ear ( grow tall and skinny)
15. Invisible Brain and Chameleon (character becomes invisible)

Above are the few important names of Wacky Wizards All Potions. We hope that it is helpful to you. 

How to Get Beans in Wacky Wizards?

Probably the ingredients like flies, dynamite, and ears could help you get beans. All Potions are complicated to collect. Nowadays, the game has hosts beans as a new ingredient for making potions. So, let’s know how to get beans.

First, one should know about the ingredients to get beans. These are:

  • TNT Potion – Dynamite
  • Giant Potion- Giant Ear
  • Tiny Potion- Fairy

8 Steps One Need To Follow:

  • All Potions In Wacky Wizards; with all these ingredients, you can craft the potion. Toss the dynamite inside the cauldron and make a TNT potion.
  • Next, go to the volcano – the tallest wall surrounding you. In the middle of a wall, you will spot shallow bricks.
  • Stand next to the shallow bricks and drink potion to destroy the wall. Then you will spot a path to a volcano.
  • Now go back to and craft giant ear. Ahead inside the volcano, and you will see a spoon.
  • Directly pour the solution into the spoon and make it bigger.
  • Next, jump on the spoon, and you will reach the top of the volcano using floating paths.
  • While researching more about All Potions In Wacky Wizards we also found that if you’re too heavy to jump on the elevator; drink the tiny potion, and you will lose weight.
  • Then jump towards the elevator and reach the volcano, there you will find beans.

Note- One should jump on the elevator carefully.

How Can One Unlock New Potions?

Players can unlock new and exciting potions in different two ways; they are mentioned as below:

  • First, put needed ingredients in a cauldron and check what you guys are missing to finish the recipe.
  • Also, you can also use few useful ingredients mentioned in the post to unlock the recipe you want. 

Gamers’ Reaction on Wacky Wizards All Potions Recipe List

We also researched to see what and how people react to new potions; here is what we got.

People are super excited and say the potions are amazing yet fun to play, love to redeem them and make the game more exciting. Few said they tried and got all the ingredients whereas, few say they did not get the ingredients.

Various videos and posts are available over the internet, and social media that share detailed information about the new potions people are really thanking for sharing such useful content. 

The Bottom Line

After reading All Potions In Wacky Wizards and the new potion of beans sounds exciting. You can watch this video if you are interested to know all spells, potions and their ingredients.

The gamers will excite to know another update by Roblox that is now available for free on Xbox One, Xbox series X, PC, and mobile. So, get your game today.

Have something to say about potions? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the given comments box.

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