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Gaming Tips All Hireable Npcs in Fortnite Chapter 3
Are you a Fortnite player? Read our All Hireable Npcs in Fortnite Chapter 3 post to learn more about the new chapter 3 and start enjoying fantastic gameplay.

No one can deny the fact that Fortnite is among the most intensely competitive battle royale games available on the market right now. The good news is that in Chapter 3 Series 1, players of the United States and the United Kingdom may interact with many NPCs and recruit them. 

Even better, adversaries will find them extremely difficult to defeat. Any eliminations these All Hireable Npcs in Fortnite Chapter 3 achieve will be attributed to the player.

What is it about?

With each successive week this season made, the NPCs you may recruit will vary, especially when new characters are introduced to the game. You’ll need to pay 85 Gold to each of these NPCs after you’ve located one of them to have them join your squad.

If that isn’t a concern, look at the list beneath as to who is now available for employment. Keep in mind that you may always refer back to this listing to see if any other characters have been granted this power in the meanwhile.

All Hireable Npcs in Fortnite Chapter 3

  • As for Agent Jones, he’s usually spotted in the station north of Logjam Lumberyard, although his exact location might shift after a while, depending on his workload. For starters, he may be found at the outposts northeast of The Weekly Bugle, in the base south of Greasy Grove, and the base east of Chonker’s Speedway, among other places.
  • The cabin in which John Llama will be staying is located close northwest of Covert Cavern, and he’ll be able to be found by asking about All Hireable Npcs in Fortnite Chapter 3.
  • Galactico can be found at the soccer field at Titled Tower, located in the heart of the site. 
  • It is possible to employ The Visitor by locating him on the main island on the eastern side of the map and speaking with him.
  • Jonesy In his residence on the north end of The Joneses, you’ll find the first and most renowned Jonesy of them all, Jonesy the First.
  • Jonesy the Brainiac is always seen in the center of The Joneses, walking around in circles.

More Details:

Agent Jones is the first employable All Hireable Npcs in Fortnite Chapter 3, and his presence on the map is not permanent. During Fortnite Chapter 3 Series 1, Agent Jones spawns at one of those four Seven outposts in a random location.


Lt. John Llama would be another hireable NPC. Cuddlepool is the eighth hireable NPC, and he can be found at Camp Cuddle in the tiny red home to the right of the entrance. 

Players may hire all NPCs for a total of around 95 gold coins. It’s better to get these pals when you’re playing single battles.

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