Alchemy Stars Codes 2021 August (New Coupon Codes)

Latest News Alchemy Stars Codes 2021

Alchemy Stars Codes 2021 August (New Coupon Codes) >> A two-month-old video game has garnered global gaming communities’ appreciation. Let’s know more about it and its newly published gaming programs.

Do you want to hunt the latest Alchemy stars game’s promo codes to earn the new head start in the recently launched RPG?

If yes, then you have headed over to the right page during the search. Alchemy Stars is the latest published game, yet captured Worldwide gamers’ eyes and received favorable remarks from critics as well as virtual game lovers.

So, let’s start today’s article, which will let you know about the active & expired Alchemy Stars Codes 2021 August.

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A few sentences about Alchemy Stars:

Alchemy Stars is another popular mobile game written by Tadashi Satomi, and it was launched only 2 months before on 17th June 2021. The game has been recognized Worldwide within just 2 months, which has been appreciated by critics and the gaming community. According to sources, it was developed and published by China-based organizations Tourdog Studio and Tencent Games.

The game is compatible with only 2 devices as of now- iOS & Android and can be installed free anytime, anywhere. The game size is more than 2GB, and the current version is 1.0.2. It is available in English & Japanese language.

 Alchemy Stars Codes 2021- The Code List:

The detailed list of active codes are below-

  • Receive in-game gears via ‘sakaeblade’ code (For SEA, Global, US server)
  • Get the in-game gears with the ‘istvan’ code (For Global, US server).
  • oddjobs code is for getting in-game gears.
  • Alchemystars code is for earning in-game gear (For the US, Global & SEA servers).
  • You can get more gaming gear from the ‘theseed’ code. It is only available for US, Global, SEA servers. 
  • Earn X5 gifts and 2K nightium via ‘Dawnflower’ code (For the US, Global & SEA server).
  • You can get gaming gear from the newly added code’ summer.’

The above are the complete list of codes that are still active. 

 Alchemy Stars Codes 2021 redemption procedure:

Below the step will let you understand the full process of redeeming the existing active codes-

Step 1: Launch the game on your Android or iOS device. Now, you need to successfully finish all stages from 1 to 9 to access the ‘Code Redeeming’ center.

Step 2: While you complete the 1 to 9 stages, come back to the ‘main screen’ of Alchemy Stars and click the ‘Notice’ icon, available on the left-hand side.

Step 3: After clicking on the ‘Notice’ button, you will get the ‘Notice & Event’ tab. Following Alchemy Stars Codes 2021, Click on the ‘Event’ tab and scroll down to see the ‘Code Redeeming’ center. Click on it.

Step 4: Next, click on the ‘Redeem Now’ option and write down the code, character name, and server and withdraw the rewards.

Final Line:

The game has been designed with fantasy-filled adventure, and it makes Alchemy Stars so unique & popular. To date, the above-written promo codes have been released. But, you can read here to know more information on alchemy codes  

If any update is released on new promo codes, we will publish and update you. Are you willing to know more about ‘ Alchemy Stars Codes 2021‘? Please mention below.

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