Agate Wordle {July 2022} Is It Correct Answer Or Not?

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The below article is a brief description of the correct solution for the latest Agate Wordle puzzle.

Do you want to know the meaning of the word? If yes, then you are on the right page! Are you also looking for the correct answer announced by the official website?

Users worldwide are interested in playing the new challenge in the puzzle game that provides informative word sessions every day. With the new challenge, the meaning of Agate Wordle remains undisclosed. Read below you know the specifications and details related to the latest Wordle.

Is Agate the correct answer or not?

For puzzle number 383 on the 7th of July 2022, a Wordle was given out in 24 challenge sections. Users who solved the quiz posted Agate to be the answer. The answer got spread out on the internet before the announcement of the actual word.

Certainly, it was a wrong answer which the users gave. The correct answer was not AGATE, instead was AGAPE. Readers can scroll down to read the hints and Agate Definition.

Hints for the 7th July puzzle

The hints in the game for puzzle number 383 are as mentioned below:-

  • It is a five-letter word
  • It starts and ends with vowels
  • It is available awed
  • The synonym for the word is awestruck
  • It represents the verb astonishing

Rules to play online

The users interested in playing Wordle online need to keep certain rules and tips in mind.

  • The answer to puzzle must be attempted within 6 attempts
  • Only the yellow and grey boxes need to be turned green to solving
  • Read the hints for the quick answer

Meaning to know Is Agate a Word.

Discovering a new word is always great if the meaning is well heard. So the answer of the 7th of July Wordle also has a meaning in their correct word. 

  • AGATE – it is another word used for quartz stone. As a basic ornamental stone, it is a hard variety of products for jewellery or healing any banded body part.
  • AGALE – it is described as a fish bone in some Greek and Roman dictionaries. Also, it means to slow down as per the Oxford adverbs list.

However suitable to the hint session by the official puzzle game, agale was the selected board similar to the hints and meaning.

Why is Agate Wordle Trending?

Agate is a trending word in the new puzzle dictionary. It matches the synonyms that were given in the hint session. Fortunately, released by Wordle, the answer was revealed to the audience. The different categories got the Word trending! However, not all had the same answer; some also suggested another word, grape, to be the answer.


In conclusion, we can see that Wordle is a famous puzzle. The answers for day-to-day challenges make the users curious to know the correct version. 

Certainly, this spoiler of the answers by Twitter has made learning over the internet fun. Is the article on Agate Wordle helpful? Comment your answer below!

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