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Afterpay Verification Scam {July 2022} Check Details!

The below article consists of all the information regarding the Afterpay Verification Scam.  

Have you ever received any fake text from any website? Are you interested in knowing about Afterpay.com scams? Then be connected with this article. If you live in Australia, this is a must-read article for you. 

How do such websites grab money from the pockets of innocent people? Why is it trending? How many people got into their web? All the questions will be answered in this write-up, so be connected throughout this article, talking about Afterpay Verification Scam and many more. Let us get started with this article.

What are Afterpay Verification news about? 

Random SMS and emails with verification Afterpay codes often leave consumers perplexed. Many people ignored the alerts and kept receiving daily emails and SMS that were similar. These text messages serving as confirmations are being issued by scammers posing as Afterpay staff members. 

The majority of recipients of these messages and emails don’t have Afterpay accounts. Scammers posing as Afterpay representatives are meant to send the verification texts in our opinion. So, it’s better to ignore these verification messages.  

What are these Afterpay Verification Code? 

People claim that an uninvited confirmation codes through text and emails and it appears in neon sign that reads, someone is wanting to sign in to your account, according to our research. Your login and password may have been hacked as a result. 

There is no proper listing of these codes but are different codes provided to different people with a note not to share it with anyone. According to our research these texts look so real that one might catch up with them. Let us look into this scam in a more detailed way. 

Ways of After Pay Scams? 

  • Numerous users are targeted by this scam. 
  • Text messages serving as confirmation were sent to various users. 
  • Every time, a different phone number is used to send texts.
  • Afterpay was mentioned in every verification text.
  • If the victim gives the fraudster the verification code, the scammers will hack the account. 


  • Beneficial payment methods. 
  • The certificate of SSL is valid.
  • According to the DNS filter the website is secure.
  • Trend Micro endorses this website.


  • The admin is hiding their identity, using WHOIS. 

Why is the news trending? 

Afterpay Verification Code but No Account held by any of them, still people are receiving verification codes in the name of a website that has a good reputation in the finance market, and this sudden and shocking news that they are among the scammers left many disappointed. 

To get a complete piece of information about this news, users are rushing to the reliable news reports, and this is why this news is trending. Please note all the details are taken from authentic sources.


Wrapping up, we would like to suggest our readers analyse this Afterpay Verification Scam because these days, anyone can be a scammer. To get proper guidance about this scam, please visit  

This article has all the information one must know about it. Please comment below if you have ever been a victim of such a scam. 

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