Affiliate Disclosure

Being a review website, we also practice affiliate marketing to generate income or commission. Hereafter, it is suggested that the readers understand and peruse the terms and privacy policy before reading the posted reviews. We are deciphering the affiliate disclosure on this webpage. It is illustrating the relationship that we have with other websites or their products.

We strictly adhere to the FTC- Federal Trade Corporation guidelines to practice affiliate marketing. Following the FTC guidelines, we always affiliate fair and unbiased products, services, websites, etc., to secure the readers. However, the readers are also suggested they stay alert or informed while reading the reviews or clicking on the advertisements. They must also comprehend that we post the advertisements to generate a small commission made via those. The prices mentioned in the advertisements are unchanged on the primary websites or e-stores.

CINEJOIA.TV fundamentally associates with AMAZON LLC Program that helps us make a commission by advertising and linking Amazon products. We will also decipher other programs that we use to affiliate the advertisements.

Affiliate Links:

We do not always affiliate links on our website. The affiliated URLs need technical coding, making them useful for marketing purposes. Whenever the readers click on the URLs and purchase a product from them, we get a small commission to sustain our website. The affiliate programs give us other forms of compensation for advertising and sharing their links on our site. Therefore, the readers do not have to pay any additional fee to purchase the products or support us.

Our Affiliate Programs

As mentioned earlier, we are associated with different programs to affiliate the links and earn a sales commission. We are now revealing the programs we use for affiliate marketing. They are:

Amazon Affiliate Links:

We actively affiliate amazon links by sharing or advertising them on our website. The AMAZON LLC Program helps us sell or promote Amazon products. We are liable to get a commission when the readers either click on the links or buy products. The affiliated links on our website are coded, making them searchable or identifiable by AMAZON LLC. It should be noted that the affiliated URLs are not embedded with PAY PER CLICK, making us unable to generate commission.

Sponsored Content:

Although we never share biased or manipulative reviews for the readers, we accept sponsored content or reviews. However, we always mention in the beginning that an entity or company sponsors the review. The readers can locate such sponsored content on our website and purchase the product if they find it useful.

Product Affiliate Links:

It is similar to Amazon Affiliate Links. Here, we advertise some URLs that connect the readers with the primary websites. Whenever they make a purchase, we are assured of getting a small sales commission. In any case, the prices are not changed for the readers.


CINEJOIA.TV always looks after its readers. Therefore, we never publish any review about a website or product that is not tested or used. Irrelevant, fake, or biased content is a big NO for us. We can never compromise the safety of our readers by publishing manipulated reviews. Similarly, we suggest the readers check the reviews carefully before buying a particular product.

Our experts do extensive research for the affiliate links to secure the readers from fraudulent products or websites consistently. We cease to bring the best for our sales commission and readers’ safety. Besides, we appreciate the interest and patience readers bestow on our website by reading the reviews and purchasing products through affiliated links.