Affiliate Disclosure

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The page of affiliate disclosure reveals the affiliate relationship has with other products and websites. As per the FTC guidelines, readers are requested to assume the following posts and links on the website. All links present on the website are the affiliate links that help generate small revenue from the sales made through the links. However, there will be no difference in the price. is an active participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. The affiliate advertising program for the websites helps earn advertising fees by linking and advertising about  

The page may include affiliate links to and other affiliate websites where the website owner makes a referral commission out of the link.

What are the Affiliate Links?

A majority of the website links are affiliate links, but not all links are from affiliates. It means a special tracking code is used to rectify whether or not it is an affiliate link. The website makes a small commission from the links when a sale is made through those links. Affiliate links redirect the readers to the sale page, and when a purchase is complete, we receive a small commission for it from the seller. 

Amazon and other affiliate companies share a small commission and other compensation to share and advertise their links on the website under their affiliate program.

There is no change in the price as the buyers would pay the same price even if it is bought through the affiliate link. You won’t pay anything extra for buying the item via the affiliate link. 

The Different Types of Affiliate Programs

 Amazon Affiliate Links is an active participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. The advertising program for affiliates provides ways to earn advertising fees by sharing links and advertising Amazon properties on the website.

Amazon shares a commission with its affiliates for promoting and selling the products via affiliate links. Every purchase is done via the affiliate links to earn a small commission from Amazon under the affiliate program. 

Our website has affiliate links of Amazon Product that use special tracking code for the affiliate embedded in the link, and when our reader places an order clicking the link, gets a small commission for the sale. The affiliate links of Amazon do not pay per click. Readers who click and redirect to the Amazon website and stay around the shopping site and buy something else help us get a commission for the sale.   

Product Affiliate Links

The product affiliate links work like the Amazon affiliate link. So, if the reader clicks the product affiliate links and purchases an item, we get a sale percentage. It is either as a commission or in the form of compensation. However, there will be no changes in the price, and buyers have to pay the same price even it is purchased via affiliate links. 

Sponsored Content never publishes or supports sponsored posts. We are focused on sharing only genuine and original review posts for our readers. The website shares only unbiased and authentic reviews about services and products.

If any company or product owner approaches our website to publish sponsored content, our editorial team mentions it at the beginning of the review content. So, readers would learn about it and know that it is the sponsored content before reading. 

Conclusion only shares reviews and posts about the products and services which we have tested and used earlier. We don’t share or publish fake and irrelevant information and reviews about any products and services. We only suggest our readers buy products that we have tested and reviewed earlier. 

Every purchase done through the affiliate links helps our researchers develop more genuine and authentic reviews. Our team of experts works with full zeal to bring genuine and authentic reviews about any product and service. 

We appreciate your patience and interest in reading the affiliate disclosure page.