AFC South Wordle {April 2022} All About New Gameplay!

Gaming Tips AFC South Wordle

The article aims to discuss the word puzzle game AFC South Wordle. It also gives the features of the new word game.  

Hi, word gamers, do you know the new word game has arrived? But the word game is made by the South Australian phenomenon. The name of the game is “Crowle”. But many people know the game as the Adelaide Football Club Wordle Game.

However, in the United States and Canadathe game is gaining massive popularity among the word game lovers. But this game is slightly different from the word puzzle game “Wordle”.

The game is related to Crows. So, one can play the game as a coach or a player. Now, look into the matter of AFC South Wordle

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Let’s Know About the Game? 

The game has its features and categories. First of all, in this game, the players can get six attempts. In the Wordle, the gamers can try the six times. 

The most crucial matter of the game is that one can play the game at 10 am. But just before you log in to the game, please read and check all the phenomena of the game. 

After playing the game, you can upload your results on social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter. 

Know about the AFC South Game

The game is straightforward. The discussion can give an idea about the game and how to play it. 

  1. In a Wordle game, you need to guess the word. Here the gamers need to think about the player’s name or the coaches’ name. 
  2. In this game, the player will get six chances to guess the correct name of the player or coach. 
  3. Upon finding the proper letter, the colour of the word turns into Green. But if the player assumes the wrong note, the tile will turn yellow. The yellow also indicates the correct letter in the wrong place. 

AFC South Wordle– The Process of the Game

The game is made especially for Australian purposes and word row. Adelaide Football Club is the main inspiration for the new types of Wordle games. The gamers can get new words at 10 am as per the rules. And after getting the word, the players need to check it. 

The players get five-letter comments. The name is also included. Now the players need to click the key and submit the correct word. It is the process and methods to play the game, especially the AFC South Game

Why is the News Trending? 

The game is trending because it is a new type of Wordle game. But here, the players need to be concerned about the player’s or coaches’ names related to AFC. Secondly, the game has Australian motivation. After an introduction to the game, millions of people start playing the game. 


After the initiation of the Wordle game, many similar games emerged in the market. This game is the new entry in the World of word puzzle game. The game is similar in many terms to the World. But yes, there are a few differences also. 

However, the AFC South Wordle has characteristics that any player can like. You can also check the click to learn more about the word puzzle game. Have You Played the Game Yet? Share your experiences.  

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