Accident Roberval (Nov 2021) Read Detailed Report Here!

Latest News Accident Roberval
A deadly car crash has taken place in the Saint Prime and Roberval area. You can know all the initial and latest updates on Accident Roberval in this blog.

What news made citizens of Canada shocked this morning? Do you want to know detail about the shocking news?

Welcome readers once again; we’ve brought another latest news for you. This blog will let you receive an insightful update regarding a recent fatal collision that has been reported to have taken place in the Saint Prime area.

Kindly read the below content to get the most recent update about Accident Roberval. Without further ado, let’s start reviewing the matter.

Where is Saint Prime?

Before going too deep, we wish to give you essential highlights about the place’s location. Saint Prime is a municipality based in Canada (in Quebec City, 3rd provinces & territories). According to the recent news, a major collision has taken place in that region that has made Saint Prime residents. Following the news yesterday (24th November 2021), 3 vehicles were involved in a collision in the morning. Let’s investigate it together and check the recent updates.

News about Accident Roberval:

Following the Sûreté-du Québec initial details, it’s been reported that due to this deadly collision, a woman (27 years old) has died. Along with that, a girl (19 years old) was severely injured. The fatal accident took place on ‘Route 169.’ The impact happened at the opposite of the ‘Roberval Animal Refuge,’ which is near Cran coast.

According to the investigating officers, the vehicle driver might have been struck from the back while heading to the Roberval, and at the time the lady was turning left. During this situation, another vehicle got stucked.  

Final Verdict:

The Accident Roberval incident shocked everyone, and after this deadly accident, the local officers took the occupant to the nearby hospital. As per the sources, the driver might be failed to concentrate due to sun rays. Receive more updates about this matter from our daily published blog. Besides, do you wish to ask anything else? Please comment below.

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