Top 5 Abilities That Disappeared From World of Warcraft, but Are Still Available in Wow Classic

Complete Information About Top 5 Abilities That Disappeared From World of Warcraft, but Are Still Available in Wow Classic

Despite being almost twenty years old, World of Warcraft still attracts players from all around the world. It may take several months to do all of the missions and learn the game’s whole storyline because there is so much content. The player could get access to a variety of abilities that will help them complete assignments of varying degrees of difficulty.

Furthermore, everything is now easier than it was when players had to manually pump their heroes. Gamers may use the services of boosting companies, for example, to buy WoW Classic gold, help in dungeons and raids, speed character improvements, and much more.

However, during the existence of the game, a lot of content was removed from there. For example, many abilities have disappeared from World of Warcraft, but some of them have been preserved in WoW Classic. And today we will tell you about them in this article.


Perception is a Human racial ability that increased the chance of detecting targets while being invisible to them. The ability worked rather strangely, as it was active and lasted only 20 seconds. The ability to detect invisible targets was certainly useful, especially in PvP (in the classic Stealth concealed characters worse than now, and people with Perception generally saw the robbers in full view). Unlike Detect Invisibility, Perception worked specifically with Stealth, not invisibility, and did not allow you to see ghosts. 

But what made Perception different from other active racial abilities was that it was highly specialized. Other racial abilities increased outgoing damage or protected from attacks (in other words, gave a direct advantage in combat), while Perception worked selectively. Later, Perception became a passive effect and disappeared from the game altogether in Cataclysm.

Scare Beast and Turn Undead

These abilities worked against two specific types of monsters.

Scare off the beast belonged to the hunters and allowed them to control the animals for a long period. Most often, Turn Back was used in PvP against druids in various forms, which were also considered animals.

Turning Undead belonged to paladins and allowed them to frighten undead that would normally not be affected by fear. Later, the ability was renamed to Banish Evil and began to work on more different targets.

Mana Burning Abilities

Mana burn abilities include Mana Burn, Viper Sting, and Drain Mana. Two of the three abilities were removed from the game in Cataclysm, and another was removed at the start of Mists of Pandaria (7,5 points on IMDb). This happened because many teams in the arena used survival tactics, depriving enemy healers of resources by burning mana, which the developers did not like.

Mana Burn belonged to the priests. The spell cast for a very long time and destroyed approximately 10% of the enemy’s maximum mana, and also dealt damage to the target depending on the amount of mana destroyed. If the priest used Mana Burn ten times in a row, the target would lose its mana completely.

The Viper’s Sting was significantly different from the previous abilities. It worked instantly and drained mana gradually. The Viper’s Sting was considered a poison and could be cast on an enemy healer without the ability to dispel poisons, leaving them with no valuable resources and nothing they could do about it. Because Viper Sting was easy to cast, it drained less mana than Drain and Burn.

In general, the ability to burn mana was dangerous only in the arena, that is, they gained strength only in Burning Crusade.

Ritual of Doom

Ritual of Doom was a fun role-playing ability that required a whole group of players to cast. The ritual allowed summoning the guardian of Doom, and one of the players who participated in the call (with a probability of 20% – the warlock himself) would certainly die.

The summoned guardian was a neutral demon and needed to be subdued so that he would not kill anyone. Doomguard’s subordinate could function as a normal warlock pet, but only for 5 minutes. Sometimes the demon broke out of control ahead of time.

In practice, the Ritual of Doom worked much worse than in theory. It was impractical and caused a lot of inconveniences. The Doomguard could be used in raid battles, but an ordinary imp or succubus was not inferior to the guard in terms of effectiveness, and it was much easier to summon them, especially considering that the Ritual could be performed once an hour. The Ritual of Doom was later removed from the game.

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention is a 1-hour cooldown ability that allows a paladin to save an ally at the cost of his own life. Intervening would kill the paladin, and his ally would receive an impenetrable shield and be out of combat. The shield lasted indefinitely until canceled manually.

Divine intervention fit perfectly into the history of paladins – warriors of the Light, ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of a higher goal. The ability was used mainly in raids and allowed to save time on races from the cemetery. This required an intervention from a healer that could resurrect other members of the raid. At the same time, the healer himself saved money for repairs.

Divine Intervention worked too well, and some players misused it. The mechanic, which allowed you to leave the battle at any time, completely broke some bosses, that is, it allowed you to ignore certain abilities and kill opponents with much less effort. Of course, the ability around which the battles were built could not last long, so in Cataclysm, we had to say goodbye to Divine intervention.

In this article, we talked about those abilities that were removed for the reasons described above. Developers are always making improvements to the game, so new abilities have come to replace the removed ones, and they are actively used by players in the current version of the game.

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