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This article basically enlists all the relevant information related to A Universal Time Dio Bone item.

Are you a big fan of “A Universal Time” on the Roblox platform? Are you searching about how to avail and use cool new features and items in the game like Dio Bone? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place; today, we will elaborate on all the details about A Universal Time Dio Bone so that you can make your gaming experience even more delightful! 

Players from countries like Brazil and the United States are always looking to enhance their gameplay through unique items so let’s dive into all the details. 

What is “A Universal Time”?

Before talking about the Dio Bone, let’s understand the gameplay of A Universal Time, popularly known as AUT. A Universal Time, created and owned by the Universe Time Studio, is a universal Roblox JoJo game launched around 2018. It’s an adventure video game based on JoJo’s bizarre adventure manga series and many other manga series and fandoms. You can fight other players and farm for items like A Universal Time Dio Bone. This game is a trading and grinding simulator along with a PVP simulator.

What is Dio Bone?

Dio Bone is an item used for super shadow, and you can make Sans with the help of this item. This item looks just like a normal-looking bone but has a blue highlighted aura surrounding it. It shows resemblance to an attack that is used by Sans in his Undertale Boss Battle. The Dio Bone is an S-tier item, but it cannot be traded for Death Note because Death Note is an S/S+ Tier item, whereas Dio Bone is in S-tier.

More about A Universal Time Dio Bone:

  • Spawn Rate:

The Spawn Rate of the Dio Bone is very rare as it has a 1 out of 375 chance of spawning that too every 10 minutes.

  • Uses:

When you use Dio Bone with Supershadow, you can produce Sans with the help of it.

  • More detailed information:
  • When the Dio Bone is spawned, you can play Megalovania from Undertale.
  • At first, the bone didn’t have a blue outline, but later it got remodeled to have a blue highlighted light around it to make it look more attractive.
  • Dio Bone is from the Undertale.
  • How to get A Universal Time Dio Bone:

There are two ways you can get the Dio Bone:

  • You can dig it up in the forest 
  • You can buy it from the shop for 1,50,000 coins. 


We want to conclude our article by saying that the Dio Bone is a very rare and helpful item in the AUT game, and you can gain a lot from it. You can avail this in the ways we mentioned above and make Sans, a major character in the Undertale. You can even get stands like the XChara Stand and World Stand using the A Universal Time Dio Bone

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