7 Computer Tips to Improve Your Workflow

The Best Top 7 Computer Tips to Improve Your Workflow

7 Computer Tips to Improve Your Workflow: Whether you are working from home or in-office, you have to be productive, for which you will have to spend time efficiently. You should start by developing a powerful strategy that can help you improve your workflow. If you are using a computer to complete your workday tasks, your strategy can include built-in features, third-party apps, or both. 

So, let’s see how you can improve your productivity and gain more from your computer while accomplishing everyday work goals. 

Clean Up Your Desktop

As the first step towards making yourself more productive, start with cleaning your computer. Believe it, most of the data on your computer is redundant and adds no value to you or your computer. This data often includes apps, files, images, and similar items. Better delete this data, else it will cost you your valuable time and sometimes money too. 

You can either remove all these items from the desktop and put them in different folders or use a desktop wallpaper organizer tool to arrange your files neatly. The custom image for the desktop will allow you to put all the files in the proper place. 

End Resource Heavy Tasks   

If you are using an MS Windows computer, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to get to the Task Manager, from where you can control resource-consuming applications and processes. Once you are in the Task Manager window, identify the heavy-load processes and end them to release the resources they are consuming. 

This will improve your computer’s performance manifold. However, if you are working on macOS, you might be struggling to find a way to force quit apps as there’s no Ctrl + Alt + Del keyboard shortcut available in Apple. You can use multiple ways to force quit tasks in Mac. Close apps either from Terminal or via the Activity Monitor, Dock, or Apple menu. 

Find Content/Files Faster

When your content is stored in an organized manner, you won’t have to explore all the folders to find a single file. You should make use of folders and subfolders to save your data in a manageable manner. Most importantly, store all your files and folders with a relevant name that clearly specifies the content that particular item is saving. 

Saving files with relevant names will prevent you from the hassle of finding files everywhere when you need one. Using folders and subfolders for storing data will keep all your files into their respective categories. Don’t forget to delete duplicate files while you are organizing them on your computer for better storage optimization. 

Improve Internet Browsing Experience

While working remotely, you might be spending a considerable time searching for useful information, resolution steps, or more. You may either manage your tabs and frequently visited websites manually to make them available all the time in a single click or use internet extensions to make your work easier. 

When you are installing extensions on your computer, make sure to download them from reliable sources. Also, do not install multiple extensions for fulfilling a single purpose, as it might ruin the browsing experience making your browser sluggish. Keep them minimal and delete them when you feel they are not required anymore. 

Stay Focused on Your Tasks

Your computer comes with robust capabilities; all you need is to explore them to the fullest. While working on your office tasks, try to keep the distractions minimal and focus more on your work. You can either use your computer’s in-built features such as Focus Mode on Mac to disable distracting websites or apps. 

Using built-in and third-party apps, you can concentrate on completing your work rather than getting lost in the tons of things besieging your mind. Use time management tricks to organize your time and divide it evenly for each task.

Keep All Your Conversations in One Place

Some of your work-related conversations may be stored on your phone, computer, tablet, or other smart devices you might be using. Keep all the collaboration apps in one comprehensive place to manage all your conversations and respond to them quickly. Having all your messages on one device means more clarity over the work status. 

Some of the apps allow you to save Facebook Messenger, HipChat, Google Hangouts, Skype, or Slack, into one place. This way, you can send speedy replies to your colleagues, managers, and other coworkers. You don’t have to keep your phone or tablet around while working, as you can respond to important text messages right from the desktop. 

Set Up Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether you are using a Mac or Windows laptop, shortcuts will make your work just easier. Bypass multiple steps to get a single job done by using the keyboard shortcuts and key combinations. You can set up custom keyboard commands for the apps and use them for better efficiency. 

Setting up keyboard shortcuts saves you from the hassle of switching between the mouse and keyboard or Magic Mouse and trackpad. It makes you efficient as you can perform your tasks faster.

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