5TH July Cern Collider {July 2022} Complete Details!

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This post on 5TH July Cern Collider will give brief information about the 3rd to 5th July celebration at CERN and the Higgs boson theory.

What happened on 4th July 2012? Why is CERN going to celebrate on 5th July 2022? All The physicists of CERN ( specifically the European council for nuclear research) are excited to celebrate the historic experimental day of the large hadron collider, conducted on 4th July 2012. People of the United States are looking for this event. If you want to understand the Higgs boson or the 5TH July Cern Collider in simple terms, then kindly continue reading.

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3rd to 5th July Celebration At CERN

  • The celebration will begin on 3rd July; Mark Levison and Walter Murch are invited to watch the exciting documentary – particle fever which explains and describes the physicist’s hardwork to  find the Higgs boson.
  • Upon completing 10 years of this historic experiment on 4th July, the highly intelligent scientist and CERN members will share their experiences finding the Higgs boson. The whole day program has been organized to celebrate this historic day of finding the Higgs boson and discovering the presence of the Higgs field.

What Is Cern July 5TH

  • 5th July is the final day of celebration at CERN, where the people will witness the 3rd round of large hadron collider (Run 3 ), which will mark the new record of 13.6 trillion electronvolts, and the new beginning of data taking for another physics season and has been named run 3. 
  • You can join them to watch it live on 5th July at 16:00 CEST, which will be available in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish commentary. 

But why is this grand celebration at CERN? And why are people curious to watch it live?

large hadron collider theory

  • Peter Higgs, a well-known physicist and noble prize winner proposed a theory of the Higgs boson. He explains that there are different particles and fields in the universe, but they dont have an equal amount of mass.
  • He stated that the Higgs field, which is present in the universe, supplies mass to other fields. he specifically stated that if there will no mass supply to other fields, the universe has not formed. This discovery is regarded as a standard model. it is fascinating to know that the Higgs boson is also known as god particles
  • But why Cern Hadron Collider July 5TH celebrations?
  • This experiment was conducted through a large hadron collider at CERN, whose headquarters is in Switzerland. That’s why CERN is celebrating this historic day.

(NOTE: this has been explained in very simple words so that everybody can easily understand it)


We have informed our readers about the celebration between 3rd to 5 th July at CERN, about the historic experiment through large hadron collider and also explained about noble prize winner peter Higgs and his theory of Higgs boson .to know more updates visit

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