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The post covers all the details of 2022 VeeCon and highlights the people who visited the event and created an impact on the viewers and attendees of the event.

Have you heard of Veecon? Do you know the place where it is going to be conducted this year? Let us provide you with the details. Veecon is a multi-day super conference for the NFT ticket holders to experience an immensely pleasurable journey and content build-up and listen to 130 speakers talking about education and innovation with an introduction on keynote speeches. People of the United States and Canada are very excited about the event, and they are waiting to attend the 2022 Veecon this year.

What is the news about?

This year, the Veecon 2022 is set in Minneapolis, and the team organizers have released the schedules beforehand. The event took place on May 19th, and the organizers gathered a total of 130 speakers from various backgrounds who shared their experiences. The event comprises educational talks and innovations relating to NFT Projects and artists, Entrepreneurs, Public figures, Athletes, and creators. Al was present at that event. The event mesmerized the viewers and the onlookers.

What Is Veecon 2022

Veecon 2022 is organized for various NFT projects and other campaigns to acknowledge them on a single platform. People can easily buy tickets from secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. The tickets are seen on eligible wallets. It is said that the event will be held for three consecutive year that is, 2022,2023,2024. You can easily get admission to the three years of VeeCon if you have a VeeFriends token. VeeCon 2022 is kick-started by the social media influencer Garry Vaynerchuk in the U.S bank stadium and hosted by brands like Johnny Walker and Coach.

Detailed points on 2022 Veecon

VeeCon 2022 draws inspiration from all walks of life, including business conferences, music festivals, summer camps, and many others. The event had a very exclusive guest list, and people who wanted to attend the events had tokens from the VeeFriends collection. Not only these, but Veecon is also the first mass community event held by the NFT groups and the gathering of the VeeFriends community, where guests were motivated to interact with each other and share their knowledge. The stadium had a special section for the VIP to hang out and talk to. Know the answer to What Is Veecon 2022 in this article and get to know the same details.

People who are new to this topic and want to know about the event can read about it here   

Final Ending

VeeCon 2022 is a very interesting event, and those willing to participate in the event easily did this. The event organizers have tried to gather people from all walks of life on one platform to share their experiences. What is your view on the event? Did you participated in the event? Do you have any idea regarding the 2022 VeeCon?

Comment below your views.

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